August 11, 2010

Harrods Hating on the Hefties

HarrodsUK megastore Harrod’s has shut down their plus size clothing department. British plus size fashion brand Anna Scholz announced the news, informing fans that their clothing would no longer be available at Harrod’s. This is going to make life harder for plus sized women in the UK as Selfridge’s stopped selling plus size clothes a few years ago. Anna Scholz didn’t hold back on their official blog:

I am wondering if our high-end department stores don’t value their plus-size customer. It seems like madness to exclude 47% of the population from the opportunity to spend money in your store. This customer not only buys clothes but accessories, perfume, cosmetics…take away clothes and you alienate them on all levels. Every woman deserves to have choice and to dress fashionably!

Not only is 47 percent of the population of Great Britain considered plus size, almost one-fourth of Brits are medically obese. If anything, this seems like exactly the right time to offer more options for plus sizes in the UK.

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