September 22, 2010

Joseph Altuzarra For The Win

Joseph Altuzarra by Craig McDean Interview
Photographed by Craig McDean for a series of black & white photos to accompany an interview by the one and only Anna Dello Russo, fashion designer and social media junkie Joseph Altuzarra takes the pages of Interview Magazine.

ANNA DELLO RUSSO: You’ve only done four collections and already you’re more popular than Tom Ford. How do you think that happened?

JOSEPH ALTUZARRA: [laughs] I think it’s because of the Internet. You can build a brand very fast now, especially with bloggers and how fast images can get out—the message just goes out faster and stronger than ever before. But what I’m trying to do is something consistent every season, something strong. And I try to be nice—most of the time.

Read the full interview here.
Joseph Altuzarra by Craig McDean Interview

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