October 24, 2010

Nosh Detox

Nosh Weekend Detox
Detoxing in London is hard and necessary, especially in the fashion industry. With events that essentially pour drinks down your throat, indulgent lunch meetings, and nights that never end on the right side of midnight, you can’t complain. However, sometimes I feel like my body is screaming “Toxins! Toxins!” at me as I can add an allergy to wheat and gluten to the above list (that is frequently ignored).

Thank God for Nosh Detox. Not everyone can afford the time, effort or money to book into a spa, hide out in a health club, or fly to Mallorca for a weekend detox. Now, well-being delivery service Nosh has developed a unique Weekend Detox package to help you detox, lose any ‘unhealthy’ weight and improve overall health and well-being, so that you feel and look noticeably better after just three days. Nutritional Technician and author Geeta Sidhu-Robb founded the Chelsea-based company in 2004 – I can’t believe I’ve just got around to trying it out!

The Weekend Detox package comes with an ‘Immune Booster Box‘ that helps you with hemp oil, aloe vera, an ayurvedic cleanse, bee pollen, homemade salt scrubs and herbal teas to help you through your detox. Everything was absolutely delicious, and a fantastic learning experience. I constantly felt full, healthy, and full of energy – didn’t reach for a single cup of coffee. Never has a detox worked so fast for me! A Nosh Juice Fast is also available, as well as the ‘ABC Plan’. For further information on them – visit here after taking a look at a sample menu below.

Day 1:
Friday: Pre-Detox Preparation
Raw foods until 4pm followed by a holistically balanced evening meal

Sample Menu:
Breakfast: Muesli
Snack: Superfood Smoothie
Snack: Raw Nuts and Seeds
Lunch: Salad
Dinner: Vegetarian Soup

Detox Box:
Brush skin before taking a shower/ bath
Take a salt bath using the sesame oil home-made dead sea bath salts
Exercise by taking an evening walk for 20 minutes

Day 2:
Saturday: Detox Day 2
Juice Fast – four smoothies throughout the day

Sample Juice Menu:
Rehydrator: Banana, mixed berries, orange, lemon
Eliminator: Cucumber, apple, pear, mint
Healer: Apple, kiwi, spinach
Rejuvenator: Papaya, mango, orange

Detox Box/ Well-being Exercise:
Brush skin before taking a shower/ bath
Take a salt bath using the sesame oil home-made dead sea bath salts
Exercise with gentle yoga or stretching for 20 minutes

Day 3:
Sunday: Detox Day 3
Juice Fast – four smoothies throughout the day, just like day 2!

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