April 25, 2011

Best of Tumblr – Hottest Women on TV

Glee Santana
Santana Lopez - Glee

This Is All, Nothing More

Ode to some of the most complex, beautiful and strong characters of our TV generation: see more Best of Tumblr here.

Arrested Development Maeby Funke
Maeby Funke - Arrested Development

Vaquero Galactico


The Wire Kima Greggs
Kima Greggs - The Wire

Art of The Wire


Sex and The City Carrie Bradshaw
Carrie Bradshaw - Sex and The City

Sex and The City Captures


Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf
Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl "You can tell us anything. We don’t judge. We’re the non-judging Breakfast Club. We’re your best friends. Anything you do is something we did too."

Thats Loverly


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