April 27, 2011

Fashion Forward Gender-Bending

J Crew Paint Sons Nails
Oh, the internet is all a-tizzy over the above – and I quote –

“blatant propaganda celebrating transgendered children”

I’m sorry, what? The clip above is one of the hundred or so pages from J Crew‘s April 2011 catalog and features J Crew’s President & Creative Director Jenna Lyons with her son. Since she is painting his nails in the photo, many a media idiot has decided to douse it in contention over the ‘argument’ regarding gender roles and heteronormativity (aka boys should like cars and girls should like Barbies).

While the Media Research Center is responsible for the quote above, Fox Newsand I use the word ‘news’ lightly – equates this picture with the encouragement for humanity to abandon all trappings of gender identity. Personally, I find it an endearing way to market a classic, wholesome brand. The fact that such a positive and authentic moment in a family’s life can be construed in such a destructive manner (based solely on stepping outside of expectations) reflects a terrible attitude in modern categorical response. Excuse me while I go make a trucker hat out of condoms and put on a pant suit.

More. Insanity. Here.

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