May 21, 2011

Rich Man Rules

Gold Diggers
Gold Diggers, 1937

I know and love a lot of gold diggers. While the term itself became popular during the American Gold Rush, the actual practice of ‘gold digging’ (seeking a relationship/beneficial friendship with a rich man/woman) seems to build every year. Since the wealthiest of the world seem to be getting younger and younger – think of Lady Gaga at 24 years old – the bad ‘sugar daddy‘ connotations are defunct. Gold digging: a pretty common, yet taboo subject.

I feel if you carefully consider love, physical attractiveness, and compatibility yet find yourself putting greater emphasis on financial securitygold dig away. The basic principle, the ‘right’ way to do it, is with honesty and compassion.

Gold Digger Guide

  • Let them know your intentions. The stereotype that surrounds gold diggers is that of manipulative trickery. Like any relationship in life, you need to build a platform of honesty and communication from the get go. If you don’t plan on contributing to a relationship financially, they need to know.
  • Remember: you are not being paid for a service. If you are enjoying perks from a financially secure individual, it does not give allowance to request sexual or personal favours that you wouldn’t otherwise feel comfortable doing.
  • Money isn’t a guarantee. Your partner may lose their money. With the currently economic state of the world, it’s more of a liklihood than anything. Would you stay with them if you became the breadwinner?
  • Whether looking for a sugar baby, sugar mommy, sugar daddy, or anything in between, remember that they are human. Using people solely for their bank balance is classless; if you need a loan, go to a bank. Your partner should – at the very least – be someone who’s company you enjoy.
  • Be appreciative. Rich man does not equal ‘sugar daddy’, and you are lucky enough to have found someone who wants to share the benefits of their success with you. It is a wonderfully compassionate thing.
  • People change. Keep an open mind to the fact that he/she may fall in love with you, and vice versa. This is where that whole honesty and communication thing comes full circle. Make sure you are always aware of each other’s expectations.
  • Don’t forget about the value of you. Often, if someone else funds your lifestyle (ie. teens, college students etc), you have little desire to provide – financially, emotionally – for yourself. A rich partner will never be able to afford your self-worth. Some things money just can’t buy.
  • Tickled by the idea of becoming a full-time mom and you are looking for someone to provide for your future family? Looking for someone special to be at your side and help fund a business idea? Keep in mind the rules above and check out a free website like Rich Men Dot Com; that way, your intentions are clear pre-introduction. Even as a hopeless romantic in an extraordinary happy relationship, I find browsing the profiles extremely intriguing on a psychological level; the members appear to be very self aware, with a game-less approach to relationships. Hidden intentions, after all, are the everyday boat-rockers – these practices are especially healthy outside of gold digging.

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