October 18, 2011

Best of Tumblr – Bewitched

Beauty Is You

I am absolutely head over heels in love with Bewitched. A Sixties child at heart, I remember being about six years old when I watched my first episode and making a firm commitment towards becoming Elizabeth Montgomery when I grew up.

We know how that turned out.

Regardless, Samantha Stephens and Darrin Stephens (both the gorgeous Dick York and gorgeous Dick Sargent) probably got more attention than my own parents as I grew up, and I am still as excited to watch episodes now as I was almost 20 years ago. A more-than-deserving subject of this week’s Best of Tumblr! (Yes! They’re back now that Fashion Week can’t be a timesuck!)

Bewitched Cover
Poppins Me

Bewitched Screencaps
Heather Mooneys

Bewitched Cap
The Big Pink Dinosaur

Bewitched Gif

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