October 14, 2011

NutriBeauty: Feeling and Looking Good!

Natural Beauty
Not too long ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited to hang out with some of the wonderful faces behind the brands at Nutribeauty.

Nutribeauty is an online beauty mecca practically overloaded with the best in natural beauty. In their own words, they are ‘passionate about providing health, wellbeing and beauty’. All the usual luxury without any of the synthetic stuff.

There was truly something for everyone, and many brands which I had never heard of! Spirit of Beauty, for one, chooses to aid women into feeling fantastic from the inside out, with carefully chosen flower essences.

Then came the Bee Venom mask! Created by the lovely Deborah Mitchell of Heaven Skincare, Bee Venom is the not-so-secret source of the Dutches of Cornwall’s disappearing wrinkles. A pleasant, strange experience I urge you to read more about.

She also created something called “SOS Oil” which can easily be described as a beauty regime in a bottle. Who knew natural beauty was this powerful across the board?!

Antipodes, a brand which I already love, talked about some of their best products – Deliverance Hand Cream, Savior balm etc – and still managed to impress me with the sheer honesty and scientific investment into sharing the percentage figures for the efficacy of their heavenly products. Can’t say enough good things about their products!

Suti was also filled with love. The creators, Suzannah Jenkins and Tina Steadman, combined their names to create a skincare range to ‘feed your skin’. Homeopathy is the name of the game, here. Their oils literally smell good enough to eat and have a sensuous, refined feel to them which remedy almost everything.

These definitely weren’t the only brands on offer, and truly just a small fraction of some incredibly luxurious offerings. Must. Visit. Now.

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