December 1, 2011

Winter’s Coming, BEE Prepared!

bee prepared
About one month ago, I had started incorporating “BEE Prepared” into my daily vitamin regime. I have to say I didn’t notice a massive ‘change’ of any sort, but I hadn’t felt unhealthy or rundown at the time, either.

As ‘life happened’, I forgot to take them over the last two weeks. Then, as London got truly cold, my two-hour commute rewarded me with the flu. I’m talking the sneezes a-plenty, reduced to mouth-breathing-only kind of flu. The kind that gets worse by the day.

Until today. Though I have changed nothing in my intake/output besides adding a few BEE Prepared‘s to my morning vitamin cocktail, I am actually feeling a drastic difference in my energy and overall heatlh. BEE Prepared Immune Support contains a powerful combination of anti-oxidants, bioflavonoids and natural anti-viral & anti-bacterial properties; all of which seem to be my little army, today.

I am definitely not speaking from a scientific platform, but I know that BEE Prepared’s bee propolis, black elderberry, olive leaf and beta glucans have made my – very angsty – body do a 360, and thus come highly recommended by yours truly.

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