An iMac Outfit Post: What I Wore

neon heels 1
As much as I adore my digital SLR, the iMac “Photo Booth” has a peculiar draw to it when it comes to snapping a quick picture. Thus, what you’re reading right now is a webcammed outfit post.

I wore this neon heel-injected housewife ensemble to a few meetings earlier in the week. After kissing my bubbaroos goodbye (see below), of course.

Shop The Look: Neon green heels (, orange tweed skirt (Jaeger), black shoulder-padded dress worn as a top (vintage), and “Liable” red lipstick (Illamasqua).
neon heels

neon heels


  1. Nikki July 11, 2012

    Very cute! the little one’s are adorable!

  2. […] Outfit Post Naturally, the only one shot without a good camera. This is something of a uniform for me and one I will never tire of. Demure top and skirt with ‘boom’ […]

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