November 9, 2012

Easy Skincare Tips

skincare tips
Soft, smooth, supple skin is a mantra sung by many of us beauty babblers on a daily basis. Fresh, bright looking skin can certainly make you feel more confident in yourself but it can be a nightmare to keep up with the latest products that claim to make you look ten years younger when – more often than not – they don’t. Always the advocate of natural beauty, I find that trying a natural non-perfumed skin care routine and incorportating natural products like vitamin E oil always results in saved money and saved skin. As obvious as it seems after-the-fact, stripping back to basics means your skin won’t be polluted with products, chemicals, and the chance of a nasty reaction quickly depletes.

As easy skincare tips go, I always suggest taking a flannel soaked in hot water to your face and brushing your skin in circular motions to stimulate blood flow. It is important to keep your flannels fresh and clean, so be sure change them every week and swap them out when needed. The newer they are, the stronger the fabric’s particles will be; this means you wil make your skin work harder to pump blood around your face without having to ‘scrub’. This exfoliation will help shift any dirt and grime that has built up on your face during the day.

We all know you will also need to moisturize to give your skin the goodness it needs to remain in optimum moisture balance and ward off unwanted wrinkles; although finding a suitable cream for wrinkles is fairly easy these days. It is best to use a moisturizer that isn’t perfumed as this simply adds unnecessary ingredients to smear onto your skin. If, like me, you have sensitive skin then always opt for ‘sensitive’ labeled products or face oils. Don’t forget to hydrate on the inside, as well! Try to drink around 2 liters of water a day. It can seem like a big ask for someone who doesn’t often choose water, but will help flush out any toxins in your body and keep you feeling energized and refreshed.

When you are tired or dehydrated, you can appear to look more stressed and this can cause dreaded bags to form under your eyes. My last ‘easy’ tip is a no-brainer…sleep! It is the all-important catch 22 for most people as usually a lack of sleep isn’t a matter of choice, but when possible, try and get eight hours. Think of the money you will save on concealer!

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