December 25, 2012

Hair Bow Tutorial (Merry Christmas!)

hair bow tutorial
Because your presence is a present (Merry Christmas to the lyrical genius of Kanye West), there is no better thing to adorn yourself with over the holidays than a hair bow. While there is no shortage of clip-in hair bows available (including some very large ones for Gaga fanatics), I think making one from your own ‘do is rather foolproof and works beautifully on textured hair.

How-to Hair Bow

1. Pull two thick, even strands of your hair out from each side of your face.
2. Bring them together and tie with a hair tie, leaving the last ‘pull-through’ with a small piece of hair sticking out.
3. Split the resulting bubble of hair in two.
4. Bring each piece of the bubble against the scalp and secure with a hair grip/bobby pin.
5. Wrap the ‘tail’ of the hair up and around the hair tie to hide it – this will also set the front of your bow in place – and secure with a hair grip/bobby pin.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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