April 14, 2013

Cream of the Crop Top

Crop top
Crop tops are fashionable, sure, but I’ll be damned if they don’t fill the best of us with at least a little fear. Many a-time have I picked up a cropped little number in Topshop thinking how cute and diddy it is. And many a time have I lost the will to live when wearing said diddy item to work only to realise that my jeans are NOT as high waisted as I thought and this has DEFINITELY crossed the line into inappropriate office midriff.

So what on earth is one to do? (Asides from scrap the idea of wearing crop tops – this is the weak answer for fashion flakes, not fashion veterans.) Fashion veterans will find a way, because, well, where there’s a will there’s a way? Crop tops don’t have to be inappropriate, too dressy or too casual. With a little bit of careful thought, the crop top can propel itself forward into fashion heaven, just have a little faith, ok? No flaking out now; we’ve come this far and the crop top hangs upon our door staring beadily at our naked tum. We WILL master it.

The Oversized Jacket (Muffin Top Hider)
One sure fire way to embrace the crop top without putting anyone off their morning coffee is to tone the nudeness down with an oversized blazer. This will stream line the stomach and hide any unwanted muffin-toppy-ness that comes with exposed midriff.

Layering (The Chicken-Out)
OK, so you really want to beat the fear and wear that crop top, wear it GOOD, but you’ve ran out of fake tan and exposing flesh would simply be an insult to any other human being. Wearing a leotard underneath a crop top (perhaps tucked into Levi cut off shorts) can work. I mean, it’s cheating and you have essentially chickened out, but whatever, your call.

The Shredded Crop Top (The Imposter)
Some tops look like crop tops, but are actually very cunning imposters to the crop top world. These mischievous items are none other than (shock horror) actual full sized tops. The trick is, they have been shredded from under-boob down. These tasselly, stringy little pieces are awesome beach wear, and cover up any corned-beaf complexion whilst simultaneously giving off the impression that they are cream of the crop top world.

So there you have it, three fantastic ways to embrace the once torturous crop top. Crop top you shall reign, less-than-average midriff… you shall not.

Brought to you by India Johnson on behalf of Luxe Models.

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