April 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday – The Best Body in Hollywood, 1931

hollywood best body vintage
In equal parts admiration and judgement (times aint a-changing, eh?), The Vault has resurfaced this “Best Figure in Hollywood” article from a 1931 issue of Photoplay magazine. Though beautiful 26-year-old Mexican crossover actress Dolores Del Rio was eventually awarded the Best Figure title, the magazine goes as far as listing the ages, weights, and measurements of twenty-one leading ladies, as well as enlisting four judges to discuss each actress’ best and worst qualities. My personal favourite:

“Like many Scandinavians, Miss Garbo has a large frame. Undoubtedly, her bones weigh heavily. Already, as a matter of fact, her measurements exceed what generally is considered perfect for her height. Nevertheless, I am satisfied that Greta Garbo is an exception and that she would be far more beautiful, beautiful to the point of being glorious, if she were heavier. I see her as a goddess, a golden Juno.”

While body critique is certainly no stranger to the modern day, I have to applaud Photoplay’s take on it: rather than name-calling and headline-splashing, they chose to quote doctors and enforce the idea that “beauty is what it always has been and always will be, the result of health.”

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