May 8, 2013

Hot Hair Colour Trends To Watch In 2013

hair trends 2013
If you think of yourself as a bit of a beauty trendsetter, it is no doubt that you’ve rocked one or two of the following hair colour trends over the past few months. You’ve at least pinned one or two of them. That’s right, babes, this is the rundown of the hottest hues of 2013 so far (plus lots of tips to help you keep that colour for longer!).

Dying the tips of your hair may well have been a trend only sported by tweens and teens in the past, but it’s been making an appearance on some famous female heads in recent months; Christina Aguilera and Jessie J to name but a few. Pink is probably the most popular choice when it comes to dip-dye, but it is just as easy to go with whatever you fancy. Bright colours work well with platinum blonde and black, while softer tones and pastels look great with mousey blondes (more on that below) and brunettes.

Mousey blonde/brown
You know how people with curly hair always want straight hair and vice versa? Well, the same goes for those with a head full of mousey blonde locks. There’s only so many times a ‘mousey blonde’ can hear “well, it’s not quite blonde and not quite brown, sort of mousey” before thinking “great, I’m the same colour as a dirty animal”.

Until you realise Gisele Bundchen is about as mousey as it gets. Top trend created. Though her hair sent the tress-tamers into a spin in 2007, her mousey mane is making a heavily demanded comeback in 2013. If you’re not lucky enough to have a mousey hair colour, have no fear as there’s plenty of at-home hair dye kits to help you out.

Platinum blonde
I doubt that platinum blonde hair will ever be out of fashion, but it’s making a big impact in 2013. This is definitely not a shade that will suit everyone and takes a lot of effort/deep conditioner to keep it maintained, but is an ultimate statement maker when done right. (For this one, please head to a hairdresser before tango-ing your hair).

For the best highlights in town us ladies are no longer heading for foils. We’re banging on about balayage. This popular technique simply means that the colour is swept onto thin strips of hair with a paddle, resulting in a youthful, purposefully ‘messy’ and natural looking finish. It’s a top favourite with blondes but also works well with brunettes and redheads as it is incredibly easy to maintain.

If you want to latch onto the hottest trend for 2013, you will need to be willing to bare those roots for all to see.

Roots? Aaahhh. Yes, roots. This hair colour style takes its name from France (part of its appeal, non?) and simply translates to mean the shadow of a gradient. To rock this look you’ll need to be happy to sport dark roots with the hair becoming light from mid-way down to the tips. The end result will look a lot like natural surfer hair highlights – a look we all kill for.

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