Outfit of The Week – Power Dressing

power dressing
When the weather turns to ass, I choose to defeat any chance of Seasonal Affective Disorder by going mad with outfit planning. While coats are the obvious highlight of winter wardrobes, I put as much focus on accessories and small quirks to create creative looks. Though a peek of your midriff and calves may seem too sexy for the season, an oversized wool coat will keep you warm, chaste, and ever so chic.

Outfit of The Week:
Fifi flared skirt from Reiss
Lovisa pointed-toe pumps from Alexander Wang
Embossed crop top from Alexander McQueen
Mosaic Printed Crepe Wool Coat from Dolce & Gabbana
Gold and silver midi rings from River Island

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  1. Brittany November 2, 2013

    I feel like in London I can actually plan winter outfits which I appreciate. End of autumn/winter in NYC sometimes got to the point where i threw my vanity out the window because it was just SO COLD all that mattered was how many layers I could pile on!

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