February 24, 2014

You’ll Get Dirty Looks

dirty looks extensions
We’ve all seen our fair share of bad hair extensions, haven’t we? From Britney’s infamous mane to the plethora of girls who litter club floors with their synthetics if they dance too hard – good extensions are hard to find.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have many companies offer to send me some for review, but they tend to end up back in the post as fast as they arrive. The only ones to not be returned?

Dirty Looks‘ HK extensions.

Dirty Looks’ remy clip-in hair extensions are genuinely good and genuinely undetectable (on the few days I’ve worn them so far, I’ve had lots of hair compliments and zero ‘extensions?’ questions), even with a head of naturally curly (and ginger) ombre hair.

Their colour-matching service made all the difference, for me. As my hair is roughly 18″ long without extensions, the Dirty Looks girls recommended I go for a set 20-22 inches long in the colour ‘St Tropez’ – a colour light enough to naturally blend with my ombre.

Not only that, but when the extensions actually arrive they are packaged with a small ‘test’ compartment of hair to ensure you get a great colour match (I threw it under my unstyled curls to make sure the colour matched, seen below). For those unfamiliar with extensions, each set also comes with detailed instructions, FAQs and picture guides to help every step of the way.

With good quality grips and over 150 grams of real hair separated into 10 wefts (including one mega-volume quad weft), these extensions are simply better than any other I’ve tried. In the photo above, I actually only have in half of the smaller wefts; one 6″ weft (3 clips), two 4″ wefts (2 clips), and two 1.5″ wefts (1 clip) – though it is still ridiculously voluminous when straightened (and about twice as big when curled).

I know extensions can be intimidating, so feel free to tweet me (@lelalondon) if you have any questions. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a little more length or volume, I think it’s time to give the HKs a shot.

dirty looks extensions
dirty looks extensions

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