April 1, 2014

Jealous Sweets

jealous sweets
Barring Twizzlers (potentially my biggest-ever vice), I didn’t pay much attention to sweets until The Manfriend and his Percy Pig obsession waltzed into my life. While standard sweets are obviously not a health food, his love for all things ‘Phizzy’ and sugar-packed made me pay much closer attention to the ingredients list.

Long story short, it’s frightful.

Then came Jealous Sweets. When a few boxes landed at my doorstep, I was intrigued. Though the branding and packaging was flawless, was a sweet specialist shelling out claims of healthier sweets really going to deliver? Thankfully, yes. These 100% vegetarian and gluten free sweets are full of natural fruit juices, free from artificial colours and flavours, and free of the ‘nasties’ – all while being delicious (and filling!).

A large box of Bittersweet Blitz (Gummy Bears, Sour Beans, and Tropical Tang)
A large box of Rebel Sours (Tangy Worms*, Sour Beans, and Fizzy Drops)
A small box of Sour Beans (sour pomegranate, apple, peach, and tropical jelly beans.)
A small box of Gummy Bears

*The bomb.

jealous sweets
jealous sweets
jealous sweets

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