June 14, 2014

What I Wore – Throwback with New Look

throwback new look
With the idea that every girl has a ‘Throwback’ dress in their wardrobe that they can’t get rid of (from the ones you wear in and out, to the ones you just love to look at!), New Look recently challenged me to swap my own personal Throwback for a New Look dress that could fit the bill for years to come.

The thing is, I am a Hardcore Dress Girl. Every dress that lives in my closet has been carefully selected to make me feel confident, beautiful, and…like myself. From sparkles, to florals, to the ones you can’t eat bread in, I never get rid of dresses.

This means – in The Case of The Throwback – my challenge was not to swap a favourite out for a new favourite, but to to find a dress that I’d want to hold on to forever…

(…as I’m convinced I should have spent the last 24 years in the 1960s, nothing seemed like a better choice than this classic, pretty swing.)

What I Wore:
This snazzy little swing dress from New Look

throwback new look
throwback new look

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