July 26, 2014

In Review: Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X, Part One

tria hair removal laser review
At the moment, I am trialling (and enthralled by) the clinically-proven The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X. The device, as you can probably guess, is an at-home laser hair removal solution that works virtually everywhere but the eye area: upper lip, underarms, forearms, bikini, upper legs, and lower legs. Clinical studies have shown up to 70% hair reduction three weeks after the second treatment alone. The goal, of course, is to completely ‘deactivate’ (I would say kill) the hair follicle after two to three months of use.

Though I have only experienced two treatments so far, I wanted to share my first impressions with you so my final reviews/results have a solid point of reference…

First impressions of the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

It’s cordless.
THANK GOD. My first foray into at-home laser hair removal was on an impractical corded device. After a lot of awkward manoeuvring (wasting time and patience), it was one of the main reasons I stopped using the machine.

It’s not painful.
You can select the intensity of the laser’s ‘zap’ from the head of the device. Between ‘1’ (you don’t feel it) and ‘5’ (like a rubber band snapping on the skin), I tend to end up on 3 or 4. 5 if I remember to use the SmoothStart Calming Gel (essential for ladies who want fast results with a high intensity).

It’s cheap.
£375 may not be cheap if we’re talking Happy Meal comparisons, but for head to toe hair removal you will never find lasting results for less than £400. In-office visits can cost well over £7,000 if you’re looking to treat the full body, and you often find you will be charged more for ‘intimate’ areas and additional visits (three visits, as most clinics offer, is very rarely enough).

I can spend a couple of minutes lasering myself after a weekend shower and know I am saving an insane amount of time and money in the long run. So far, so pleased.

tria hair removal laser review

tria hair removal laser review

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