July 15, 2014

Travel Blog: Paddleboards and Family Portraits, Mallorca

paddleboarding mallorca
Paddleboarding day was a day of relatively below par photos. As an apology to everyone who expects more from the blog: here….here is a death-defying gif of The Manfriend jumping off some caves.

Deciding it wasn’t a good idea to take my beloved SLR into the ocean while paddleboarding, the photos you see here are courtesy of a GoPro (and in honour of one of the fellow boarder’s GoPro, which now lives at the bottom of the ocean).

Long story short, paddleboarding – or surface water surfing with a stick – is an amazing workout, lots of fun, and gives you the chance to explore secluded beaches and caves that are impossible to reach by land. There are only a few things I advise:

Wear a hat and high-factor, waterproof SPF. Hanging out in direct sun for three hours makes you a prime target for sunburn.
Fuel up. I wasn’t hungry enough to have a full breakfast, so ended up with low blood sugar half way through paddleboarding. While we’re not all diabetic, much of the group got exhausted after an hour or two. A little extra fuel will go a long way.
Water. It’s an elongated workout in the sun. Hydration is essential. Take a bottle and hide it in your board’s netting.
Be sensible when exploring. We were fortunate to have very experienced guides, but I still ended up with battered legs from rock climbing around the caves. If you’re cliff diving, rock climbing, or swimming without your board, make sure you’ve checked the area.
Use your paddles the right way round. I spent a good thirty minutes frustrated that I wasn’t moving as fast as anyone else.

Having realised we hadn’t taken any obligatory ‘family outfit photos’, we decided to snap a few before we headed off for our final meal that evening. Obviously, regardless of great intentions, the photos ended up being completely out of focus (the un-cropped versions show¬†beautiful detail on the pool water).

I think they might be my favourite photos, anyway.

family outfit post
paddleboarding mallorca
paddleboarding mallorca
paddleboarding mallorca
family outfit post

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