August 21, 2015

Natural Beauty Favourites – August 2015

natural beauty favourites
I have had an absolutely incredible month of beauty discoveries. From a continual lust for all things Su-Man to virginal product experiences from the likes of Mineralissima, yogandha, and Uma Oils, you’re in for a treat this month…

Su-Man Rehydrating Toning Essence
After one of the best facials of my life with the lady herself, I have been using Su-Man‘s Toner alternative on the daily. During our session, she used her thin gel-esque Toning Essence to hydrate my skin and explained that the formula works t attract and retain up to 1000 times its molecular weight in water (thanks, hyaluronic acid!) while repairing and nourishing.

All I know is it feels like a dream and I can’t help myself from stroking my noticeably softer face.

Over the last month I have begun an intense personal training schedule which has, naturally, left me a little worse for wear. Though the endorphins and speedy progress offer a real high, sore muscles and fatigue had me search for a natural remedy within the first week.

I found it in yogandha‘s Detox body oil. Every day – whether I have trained or not – I apply the oil liberally when I get out of the shower and take extra time to massage it into any points of soreness. The blend contains the purest anti-inflammatory essential oils (bitter orange, clary sage, sweet fennel, lemongrass, et al) which are most effective as they sink from skin to blood stream, assisting in everything from increasing circulation to treating cellulite.

All of their body oils also double up as bath oils which, to me, screams perfect hangover cure.

As a ridiculously picky cosmetic consumer, it is rare that I come across products I want to recommend in this category. Nonetheless, here I am recommending every single product I’ve tried from `Mineralissima .

My love affair started with the mineral foundation and kabuki brush (the combination gives you perfected summer skin and sun protection without covering freckles!) before including their chiffon veil (a delicate and silky finishing powder that keeps foundation locked in place).

The few times I’ve felt a little ‘makeuppy’ recently I have also been throwing together a super-simple smoky eye with their mineral eyeshadows. I have foolproofed the perfect green eye-enhancing look by using Feather (a soft base shade with hints of lavender, pint, and silver) all over the lid and Whisper (a cool, metallic brown) blended through the creases and outer corners.

I imagine I’ll be building quite the Mineralissima collection in the months to come.

Uma Oils
Discovering Uma Oils felt as important a chapter in my life as the discovery of Caitlin Moran quick-witted modern feminism. If you are a natural beauty connoisseur, you are obligated to get your hands on some Uma – they are the only beauty brand in the world that farms, harvests and formulates every single one of its ingredients (a quality that has led brands like Estee Lauder and Tom Ford to trust Uma to procure the finest essential oils from India for them).

I chose to trial both a Face and Wellness oil thinking one would stand out from the other but I now consider both products desert island essentials. The Ultimate Brightening Face Oil is quite literally the most brightening product I’ve ever applied to my skin while the Pure Calm Wellness Oil has genuinely transformed my stress levels (and stress management) for the improbable better.

With all of Uma’s incredibly ethical and effective products being 100% organic and free from synthetic fragrances, emulsifiers, preservatives, parabens, GMOs, and mineral oils, it would be impossible to name a better example of natural skincare excellence.

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