January 24, 2017

In Review: The Tootoomoo Bottomless Brunch, London

tootoomoo bottomless brunch london
There aren’t many things that can drag me out my negligee and into London’s bitter chill on a Sunday, but Tootoomoo‘s Bottomless Brunch managed to do just that.

In fact, I hauled myself across the river in anticipation of unlimited pan-asian feasting.

Real unlimited. Not asterisked unlimited. Over the weekend, Tootoomoo’s branches offer a bottomless brunch with nothing excluded from the menu. Not cocktails, not sashimi…all inclusive.

It was a dream come true in a city overflowing with bottomless syrupy-sweet ‘champagne’ brunches and sub-par eggs on breads.

At their Lilliputian Islington branch, I took advantage of their Malaysian/Chinese/Japanese/Thai/Vietnamese fusion without reservation; crispy hoisin duck rolls, Shichimi squid, Hamachi sashimi (with kizami wasabi), soft shell crab Maki (with gari, wasabi & soy), duck & watermelon salad, et al.

Though there were a number of authentic-looking noodle and curry dishes available, we couldn’t fathom a single plate more than the ‘nibbles’ we ordered ‘to start’. By the time two or three (or four, ahem) of their killer reposado gold Margaritas get down you, a mock liquid diet of natural frozen yogurt (with unnatural but tequila-demanded Oreo pieces) is about as much as you can handle.

And perhaps an Elderflower Tootoomoo (gin, sparkling elderflower & fresh mint).

If you’re looking for a good time and better-than-good brunching, Tootoomoo’s got you.

tootoomoo bottomless brunch 2
tootoomoo bottomless brunch london

tootoomoo bottomless brunch 4

tootoomoo bottomless brunch 5

tootoomoo bottomless brunch 7tootoomoo bottomless brunch 3

tootoomoo bottomless brunch london

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