In Review: SmileStylist Teeth Whitening, Manchester

teeth whitening manchester 1
I’ve been on a bit of a ‘teeth kick’. After adding oil pulling to my standard dental hygiene regime over the past few months, I decided to kick things up a notch and undergo a round of teeth whitening at SmileStylist in Manchester.

Part One of the ‘Enlighten’ process (the longer-lasting friend of the ‘Zoom!’ process, which is available for instant whitening) was incredibly easy; simply lie down in a chair, fit a gummy mould around your teeth to make a frame for your whitening trays, then say goodbye until your trays return a week or so later.

Part Two is where I ran into some trouble. Excited by the promise of pearly whites in under a fortnight (two weeks of use can take you up to an impressive 16 shades lighter), I brushed my teeth and shoved the trays in while climbing into bed.

It was painful. Less than a minute later, I had to take the trays out and rinse my mouth.

Naturally, I searched for an answer. Was it a poor mix with the aloe vera mouthwash I use? Was it the oil pulling I had done in the morning? Did I put too much whitening gel into each tooth compartment (they warn you against this)?

The following night, I tried again. A less vigorous brush. No mouthwash. No food four hours prior to bedtime. No morning oil pull. The very littlest amount of gel for each tooth compartment.

It stung, but nowhere near as much as the previous evening, and I take the blame. I have a fairly natural and organic dental hygiene regime that I should have (could have, would have) cleared with SmileStylist in the initial meeting, as an irritation from something much stronger was bound to be an irritant.

While my results may not come in two weeks, using the trays every couple of days is enough to justify the Enlighten programme – it is very easy, very affordable, and very quick to whiten (even if you have hippie beauty freak teeth, ahem!)

smile stylist manchester
teeth whitening manchester 1
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In Review: Synergy Natural 100% Organic Super Greens

Synergy Natural Organic Super Greens
Superfoods – and green foods, in particular – have been the obsession of the health and beauty community for quite some time. As a rule, the ‘dark greens’ of the world tend to pack the biggest punch of nutrients yet, unfortunately, often take the form of microscopic freshwater plants. Not the type of things you want to throw on top of a salad.

Knowing this, Synergy Natural created 100% Organic Super Greens tablets of Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley Grass and Wheat Grass to assist the green-ingesting masses. Nutritionally, these tablets are wildly different from the synthetic variations you find in most high street ‘health stores’. Spirulina alone is currently the most nutritious whole food in existence, making the filler-free blend of 100% pure and Certified Organic ingredients a very powerful concoction.

Having taken an average of 2-4 tablets a day over the past few weeks (many users take up to 10), I am currently taking no other vitamins or supplements and feeling wonderful. Expect increased energy, an alkalised body (essential for anyone struggling with the acidity of processed foods), and detoxification as a whole. In fact, on the days I take more pills I don’t feel the need to drink coffee (my biggest vice!).

My health/beauty pick of the month, hands down.

Summer Beauty: Oxygenetix, Lanolips, and Murad,

oxygenetix foundation
As minimal as my make-up regime is (at least for a former beauty editor), I tend to strip things down to the bare minimum for Summer. With a bit of colour on my skin, my need for pale-girl dark circle concealer dissapears and my rosacea almost looks like blush.

Almost. (Delusion at its finest.)

In my opinion, the only summer beauty products needed are the following three:

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation

Holy Grail product alert. As I’m not using concealer over Summer (anything that truly ‘covers’ tends to be comedogenic, therefore terrible in hot conditions), I have been on the search for something healthier that could help with dark circles or angry spots of rosacea.

As hard as I’ve tried, I simply can’t find fault in Oxygenetix.

Created for extremely sensitive skin, this foundation is a natural beauty lover’s dream; non-comedogenic (though buildable to a high coverage), oil free, fragrance free, organically certified, hypoallergenic, and incredibly light. The foundation’s oxygen complex – Ceravitae – even instigates collagen cell and connective tissue growth; we’re talking effectively treatment for wounded/scarred skin, here.

I will be buying this again and again (though the tube could probably last a year – a little goes a long way).

lanolips lip ointment with colour

Lanolips Lip Ointment with Colour

Lanolips has long been considered a wonder product, but my embarrassingly large box of hoarded lip balms and butters has stood in the way of purchasing yet another box-fated balm. Until I realised they released a version with colour….COLOUR!

I’m a sucker, but a pretty happy sucker in this case.

The colour pigment (‘Rhubarb’ – a pink/red, seen here) is blended with over 60% Ultra Pure Grade Lanolin, vitamin E and SPF 15 to make an ultra-natural and shockingly rich gloss. Approved by dermatologists (and their animal friends), the ointment is practically the only thing I’ve worn on my lips for the past month. The hydration is high, the gloss is pretty (but not sticky), and the finish…like you’ve just eaten a handful of juicy cherries.

murad essential c sun balm

Murad Essential-C Sun Balm

As if I was going to do a summer beauty blog without discussing SPF.

Because I’m not wanting to bore you to death, I’ll forgo the “wear SPF every day!” rambles and get straight to the good stuff.

1) Murad’s Essential-C Sun Balm has an SPF of 35.
2) If you let it sink in for a few minutes, it works as a beautiful make-up primer.
3) It smells like SORBET (most likely due to the moisture-locking tangerine butter).
4) The broccoli extract stimulates the skin’s natural defence against UV damage
5) It is packed with vitamins A, C and E for immediate and long term skin renewal and protection.
6) It features “MuraSol™ Antioxidant Defense” (a secret antioxidant sheild full of free radical neutralisers).

Buy it. Your skin will thank you.

In Review: Sheer Cover

sheer cover
You can only watch an infomercial so many times before the product ends up on your doorstep. Case in point: Sheer Cover. Like many fellow insomniacs, I’ve watched their products paint an invisibility cloak over acne scars, pigmentation, rosacea and more. Like many fellow skeptics, the little voice at the back of my head responds to said images by screaming ‘Hollywood editing!’.

Yet, here I am, reviewing Sheer Cover (and as I refuse to post negative reviews, you can probably guess there is no Hollywood magic to be reported).

Say hello to the Sheer Cover Studio™ Deluxe VIP Kit.

I am not much of a foundation girl, but I have preferred the idea of BB creams and tinted moisturisers over loose powders when it comes to foundation alternatives. Something about powder has always felt very high-maintenance to me: keeping a pressed powder in your purse, touch-ups, even needing to do a touch-up is beyond the effort I’m willing to put into my face.

Sheer Cover changed my mind on powder.

Their first set of brownie points came down to the fact that their products are very natural; the loose powder – or ‘Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation‘ – is full of healthy, breathable minerals that are extremely light on the skin. They may offer only a light to medium coverage, but when combined with the Conceal & Brighten Trio, you simply don’t need more coverage. The two concealers (and accompanying highlighter/’Brightener’) are professional grade and incredibly easy to work with. I felt the accompanying ‘Sun-kissed Bronzing Minerals‘ were a great call on Sheer Cover’s part – the three-tiered bronzed powders add just the right amount of warmth to the skin without looking fake or chalky.

The kit rounds out with a Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush, and Bronzer Brush that pair perfectly with their accompanying products, as well as Sheer Cover’s Lengthening Mascara and Lash Extending Fibers (not a miracle product, but a good staple when you want to ‘pump up’ the lashes).

After a good week of trials, I can see anyone from a teenager to an OAP loving this kit. No Hollywood magic, just a mineral-packed answer to natural flawlessness.

sheer cover
sheer cover
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WIN! Surya Brasil Vegan Beauty Giveaway

surya brasil beauty giveaway
It’s giveaway time once again, my gorgeous guys and dolls. This time, I’m happy to have a little something to please all you natural beauty and vegan beauty lovers: introducing…Surya Brasil!

The “company with a conscience” has created a natural, organic and 100% vegan skincare collection for the face and body (no sulphates…no irritants…nada!). Instead of chemical nasties, their products are created with naturally delicious coconut, mango, raspberry and vanilla scents as well as exotic and sustainably-farmed ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest. Because I love both the ethos of the products and the products themselves, I am offering one lucky reader the chance to win two of their luxury Sapien Women skin care products – the Sapien Women Shower Gel (£19.50) and Sapien Women Facial Scrub (£14).

To enter you must: Like Lela London on Facebook and follow Lela London on Twitter (receive an extra entry for following Lela London on Bloglovin’ – button below!) through the Rafflecopter widget below.

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Competition ends May 12th, 2014.

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