How Do You Get Invited To Fashion Week?

how to go to fashion week
For five years, every season of Fashion Week (London Fashion Week, in particular) has been followed with a rotation of intrigued conversation and e-mails from friends, bloggers, and industry hopefuls alike. The question on their minds? “How Do You Get Invited To Fashion Week?”.

Let me tell you, once and for all..

How Do You Get Invited To Fashion Week?

Both the first question and misconception, as no-one actually gets invited to Fashion Week. Invites may come from designers and their PR teams to the shows themselves, but Fashion Week – as an event – is simply the ‘blanket’ over the smaller events.

How Do You Get Invited To Fashion Shows?

When it comes to the shows themselves, every designer and PR team works with different ticketing tactics, but you are not going to get into a major fashion show without a ticket.

In its simplest form, the people who get invited to fashion shows fall under four categories: media, buyers, stylists, and celebrities. Contrary to the circus that surrounds it, Fashion Week is an industry event at its core, so if a person doesn’t provide value as an attendee (see: will write about the show, will support the brand financially, or be able to raise the brand’s profile in a substantial way), it is unlikely they will receive an invite.

As my blog and career has grown, I have gone from applying for tickets (most official Fashion Week websites compile a seasonal list of press contacts for each brand) to receiving Save The Dates before I even remember Fashion Week is approaching! As LG’s official London Fashion Week blogger, I also get exclusive backstage access to shows but that is just about as fortunate as access gets.

Blogger warning! Some designers are notorious for sending bloggers ‘Standing’ tickets (in case their Seated ticketees don’t all arrive), but ‘Standing’ – or ‘ST’ – tickets are rarely given entrance to shows. It is more of a ‘just-in-case’ move for PRs to ensure they fill a room (and I’ve seen far too many broken-spirited bloggers to not share this with you!)

Can anyone apply for Fashion Week shows?

Yes and no. It goes back to the point of providing value. While anyone with an e-mail address can certainly contact someone else with an e-mail address, your effort will be wasted if you’re unable to provide your value. PRs are absolutely inundated with requests and, personally, I’d feel like I was wasting a seat if I showed up to a show I knew I wouldn’t enjoy (and, therefore, wouldn’t write about). After all, the entire worldwide fashion industry is often coveting as few as 100 seats at every show.

Can you go to Fashion Week without being invited?

Absolutely! In my experience, Fashion Week’s street style roundups are often filled by gorgeous fashionistas that have simply come along for the atmosphere – and there is nothing wrong with that! In London and New York, Somerset House and Lincoln Centre have always been ‘sights to be seen’ and often stream the live shows to the public on large screens. If you’re a fashion student, budding fashion photographer, stylist, or want a few eye-catching hours out in London, Fashion Week can be a real thrill.

What do you wear to Fashion Week?

Whatever the hell you want. There is definitely a ‘thing’ surrounding outfit planning (not dissimilar to the first day of school, for most), but unless you’re 6ft tall and hoping to end up in the pages of someone’s street style slideshow, there is no abnormal importance put on what you’re wearing.

What is Fashion Week like?

Insane. Filled with an incredible number of well-dressed men and women living on VitaCoco and shots of espresso. Exhausting…

But I’ll always go back for more.

In Review: Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

real techniques bold metals
Real Techniques Bold Metals collection brushes, meet my beloved blog readers. Blog readers, meet my new favourite make-up brushes.

Sam and Nic Chapman latest collection of rather luxurious gold (base), silver (eyes), and brass (finish)
brushes truly rival the bests of my kit. Though Real Techniques have already gained a plethora of beauty-loving fans, this collection kicks things up to premium level.

Bold Metals – as a seven-piece collection – features a lot of tapering (which generally does most of the work when you’re hoping for a natural finish), weighted handles, and super-soft white bristles (ideal for gauging product pick-up). Personally, the three best brushes from the collection are the Arched Powder Brush 100 (for airbrushed faces), Angled Liner Brush 202 (for getting right inside the lashline without bristle drag), and the Tapered Blush Brush 300 (for living in sculptor’s paradise).

I recently hosted a blogger dinner party (more on that next week!) and even purchased a few more Bold Metals brushes to include in an unplanned prize pack to share the love. They have some lovely collections already tied up with a bow, but this piece-by-piece collection will get my vote every time.

Real Techniques Bold Metals - Arched Powder Brush (100)

Real Techniques Bold Metals – Arched Powder Brush (100)

Real Techniques Bold Metals - Angled Liner Brush (202)

Real Techniques Bold Metals – Angled Liner Brush (202)

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The Photoshoot

lela london
As a so-called ‘media figure’, it was a cruel inevitability: in all likelihood, I would end up in a studio photoshoot one day.

Now, I’ve done a handful of ‘shoots’ in the past for magazine features and interviews, but have always taken solace in the fact that they were essentially recreating my own brand of street style photography. Natural light, no looking into a camera, and props/people around me to almost create an illusion of DSLRlessness.

When I worked as a stylist, studio shoots were always the most harsh and revealing, even for the most beautiful model. I swore I’d stay away as long as I could. Yet here I am pretending I’m some sort of Campbell-Delevigne.

How did it happen? The Powers That Be decided it was time to do some promo shots for myself and the blog. Shortly thereafter, Image 1st Studio pitched and the rest is history.

The Studio is located just around the corner from Farringdon station, is completely private, and – as a package – comes with the friendliest, nerve-curing studio staff you could hope for. A week or so before arriving, they sent me very clear tips, information, and genuinely made the whole experience comfortable from the get-go.

On shoot day, Doren (the MD) greeted my moral support and I at the door and took me straight through to be painted and preened by the lovely Emma.

As make-up artists go I am as picky as they come, but Emma understood exactly what I liked (less is more, with an exception for lips) and took me to personal perfection in no time at all.

Grabbing a drink on my way through to meet Luke (the photographer), we went through the outfits I’d put together, decided the shoot order and backgrounds we’d use for each look, hung everything up in said order (hello, OCD), and set straight off to set.

A whirlwind hour of blushing and prancing later, we wrapped up the shoot and I left with a disc of a billion-plus images ready to send to all my boyfriends.

Or use for professional purposes. Whatever.

Not bad, eh?

lela london
lela london
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Why I Wash My Face WIth Sparkling Water (+ Masque Bar Review)

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I am illustrating this post with a photo of my makeup-free face because it is the lesser of two evils (option two: a photo of me splashing my face with water like a two-cent soap model).

Washing your face with sparkling water is not a visually pleasing concept or product photo-friendly, but believe me: it works.

Based on a Japanese trend, I starting dabbling with sparkling water cleansing a few months ago and the simple science behind it speaks volumes. As the carbonated water effervesces on the skin, the bubbles act as small micro-brushes. As well as delivering oxygen deeper into the skin barrier (therefore increasing circulation and decreasing puffiness), the gentle ‘pop’ works to deep clean pores, remove dead skin cells, brighten, and tone.

Not an easy daily practice – sticking your face in a bowl of sparkling water, that is – but a fun and natural way to get a thorough face cleanse*.

And if it’s still a little too off-centre to add to your beauty regime, I’m obliged to send you in the direction of Masque Bar. Having recently launched in the UK, the Japanese brand brought over their anti-Blemish mud mask, anti-wrinkle sheet mask, pore-refining creme mask, and brightening sheet mask. Though all I have tried have been effective, the latter – the brightening sheet mask – is like a sparkling water wash on steroids. It comes highly recommended.

*(If you’re wondering how to make sparkling water, look no further than the Sodastream. It is essentially cheaper, ‘DIY’ sparkling water that rivals all bottled and French-named alternatives.)

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