Oh, look at that! It’s Lela in motion!

So, friends…even though I find myself categorically BUSY I have decided to spend a little bit more of my free time making videos for you. (That means they can only get better from here, no?) The first video is a little make-up tutorial that takes you from day (aka tired) to night (aka smokey) with my favourite organic beauty brand, Inika.

I would love to hear your thoughts in this beginning stafe…videos you’d like to see (nothing Kardashian-esque, for the record)…how beautiful my background music (courtesy of Pigeons of Death) is…etc.

no heat curls
I have seen a lot of “no heat curls” tutorials around the internet, but have yet to find one which delivers the same super-bouncy curls we can achieve by using heated hair tools.

Don’t despair, ladies! I avoid using heat at all costs and have devised an almost heatless tutorial that will have you feeling like a Victoria’s Secret model.

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lancome rouge in love
One of my fantastic writers over at She Said Beauty – Dani – wrote this review of Lancome’s Rouge in Love lipsticks. Now, I’m not one suckered by ad campaigns – so before hearing her rave review, I hadn’t taken it upon myself to try the lipsticks.

Now, I’m on the bandwagon. I ran off to Selfridges and purchased 322M – Corail in Love (right) and 381B – Violette Coquette (left). While I tend to opt for lipsticks with colour colour, there are plenty of natural and pinky-hued lipsticks for those of you who were put off at the aforementioned purple lipstick. (I imagine Rouge Rendez Vous is quite a big seller).

My review? Dani was so right. These babies are maintain the comfort of a lip balm, sit beautifully on the lips, and have a buildable-to-full-coverage range of colours. I want them all.

lancome rouge in love

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Premiere
Along with the rest of the world, I am developing a complete girlcrush on Jennifer Lawrence. Therefore, when her first Hunger Games red carpet appearance coincided with some beautiful makeup artistry, it screamed “TUTORIAL!” to me. Naturally.

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beautiful hair

If you were excited to see the “big reveal” behind this secret-stashing post, you may be very excited to know that those ladies were discussing a very affordable and very intensive reparative line of haircare: John Frieda Full Repair!

Basically, John Frieda Full Repair is a line of salon-inspired products that revives overworked hair, repairing the look and feel of damage from frequent heat styling and colouring, without weighing hair down. The line contains the Full Body Shampoo, Full Body Conditioner, Perfect Ends Sheer Mist (for fine-textured hair), Perfect Ends Deep Infusion (for medium-textured hair), Protecting Root Lift Foam, Style Creator Heat Activated Styling Spray, and a Deep Conditioner.

After trialling the line myself (because who cares if it doesn’t work, right?), I am a little bit in love. Though my curly hair co-washing means I have little to no use for the shampoo, the conditioner – with Inca Inchi, a lightweight micro-oil rich in omega 3 – is luscious, and a total must-buy. The formula repairs the look and feel of overworked hair and adds body for full, flowing styles. It also detangles strands (what I need most!), reducing the risk of breaking and snagging while combing or brushing. I also thought that the styling spray – again, with Inca Inchi – improved the manageability of my hair and gives a glossy hold to any style without a “strong” or crunchy feel. It also provides heat protection and is safe for colour-treated and chemically-treated hair.

full repair john frieda