I am not sure why, but even though I have friends that have been drinking well over a decade, very few of them seem to be able to avoid a hangover.

My public service of the day? It is time to teach all you wild childs how to wake up the ‘morning after‘ feeling fresh as a daisy. Or – at the very least – like you can get through the day without puking on public transport.

– If you’re going out at night, you want to start eating anti-inflammatory foods around lunchtime. We’re talking vegetables, water-heavy fruits, unsalted nuts, salmon, and water, water, water.
– Moisturize your under-eye area. This will help keep your undereyes from sinking, wrinking, and looking “drunk”. Tap tap tap the concealer around the entire ocular bone.
– Drink more water! If you’re sick of it, add some Milk Thistle drops to boost your liver function, or swap your H20 out for ultra-hydrating coconut water.

Party Time
– Swap champagne/beer/wine/poison out for cocktails mixed with seltzer. That way, the alcohol has less of a chance to dehydrate you. If you’re wanting to be super good, drink a glass of water after every drink.
– Stay away from the snacks. Unless they’re consciously healthy, “party foods” are generally filled with mass amounts of salt. Consuming them will make you feel tired and bring on the bloat.
– Hydrating balm. Dry lips are as common as the hiccups, and will make you feel terrible in the morning. Balm yourself when the end of the evening nears.

– Remove your makeup. Face hangovers aren’t pretty, and often come with a breakout or stained pillows. A light night-time exfoliation will help your skin detox.
– Work that virgin coconut oil. From face to body, it is the best “tipsy treatment”. It smells incredible, is super-high in antioxidants, will repair any dehydrated skin, and protect against free radicals while you sleep the party off.
– Throw a shot of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water. The combination is proven to help subside headaches, body aches and puffiness.
– Lay your head to rest….on tons of pillows. The elevation will prevent fluid retention aka drunky puffy gross face.

The Morning After
– Massage yourself in bed. Squeeze, rub, stretch and get that circulation pumping without making too much effort.
– Before showering, mix some egg white together and apply to your face as a mask. It is an all-natural way to detox and tighten your face.
– Don’t take a “long hot shower”. Psychologically, it might make you feel better, but you are actually causing your skin stress with the heat, and it will react by puffing up.
HYDRATE! Via drink, via product – moisture, as you may have gathered, is key.

After a while, I realised I had more than enough New CID cosmetics to fill a normal persons makeup bag.

Normal person.

Thus, after deciding to go blonde and feeling so fresh and so clean (clean), I decided to do a full face of their fabulous products:

i-gel Long Wear Gel Eye Liner Trio With Brush in Graphie/Granite/Carbon – This is a super soft-and-creamy eyeliner trio with staying power. It also doesn’t dry too quickly, which lets me create a subtle smoke-out with my finger after applying a thin line with the brush provided. Easy eyes in 1, 2, 3!

i-glow Compact Shimmer Powder with Mirror in Ice Pop – I rarely wear blush (hello, rosacea!), but this is a sweetly shimmering light pink which almost cancels out the natural flush in my skin. Perfectly pretty for my almost-transparent winter skin.

i-flutter Double Brush Lengthening Mascara in Black – As a total mascara snob, I was wowed by this. There are a lot of things I demand from a mascara and – apart from being a stiffer brush than I would opt for – it has them all: volume, length, separation, staying power.

i-prime Foundation Primer – Dreamy, silky, phenomenal. I use it every day, whether I wear makeup or not.

i-open Double Ended Eyeliner and Under Eye Concealer – If you don’t already know, nude eyeliner on the water line opens up your eyes (especially eyes that get no sleep, a la Lela London’s) while avoiding the harsh look of the bright white eyeliner that many old-school makeup artists recommend. To be honest, I don’t ever use the concealer end as I never ‘touch up’ in the day, but the eyeliner is a must.

i-conceal Brush on Fluid Concealer – New CID is one of the only brand that has a colour light enough for me (Extra Light) that feels like it hydrates as well as covers. You don’t even need foundation with this baby.

i-polish Nail Polish in Tutti Frutti – Of course, you wouldn’t get a post featuring New CID without a light-up product! This is one of their upcoming nail polishes, which will be priced at only £10 with all colour goodness of the Nail Greats with no chemical nasties.

i-pout Lipstick in Pomegranate – Another light-up product, this time with a handy mirror attached to the lipstick case. Enriched with Vitamin E, i-Pout feels richly conditioning and the taste is slightly sweet but not overpowering.

Full face and hair (though a bit too straight for my liking after a long day!), below.
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beauty box
BOOM. It’s here. The project that has been in months of months of development…She Said Beauty – the Ultimate Beauty Discovery Box. I have been honoured as the Editor of the beauty blog and general online “voice” of the brand.

Keep in mind, this is only Step One of She Said Beauty and, in fact, you will be blown away by both the quality and quantity of changes that are coming in the next six months. My lips are sealed in regards to the whats and whens, but I can let you know that along with a Facebook-esque integration to the site, the blog will be transitioning into magazine territory, with the Beauty Director of Elle – Emma Strenner – and some incredible writers and bloggers already on board.

I love my team, and I am so proud of what we have already accomplished in just a week of business.


(Note: Take a look at my first Editor’s Letter, Zooey Deschanel makeup tutorial, and “Make-up For Me” for a content taster. You will love our ‘real girl’ face of the day Street Beauty on Tumblr, and should definitely follow us on Twitter and Facebook for insider updates!)

Phytonectar Shampoo
Though I’ve been pleased with the results of all my trialled products from haircare brand Phyto, nothing stands out quite as much as their “Phytonectar“. True to their branding, Patrick Alès‘ vision of creating plant-based and environmentally-conscious hair products has tricked down to create yet another powerful botanical remedy. Phytonectar is a hydrating shampoo for dry and over-processed hair (check, check, for me!) with medium-to-course texture (check, tick, yes, yes, YES!).

The product itself is a super-thick emulsion, enriched with orange blossom wax and St. John’s Wort (20%), which gently cleanses and revives even the most dehydrated, brittle hair. As it is a natural product, it comes without parabens, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, and phthalates. This means while the shampoo doesn’t have the “lather” that chemical-filled shampoos trick us into believing means “clean hair“, it is filled with the most incredible, nourishing, and natural hair helpers.

If you want soft, frizz-free, and (most importantly) healthy hair, dump the sudsy shampoos and grab a bottle of Phytonectar.

Murad Celebrate You
I have been a mega-supporter of Murad for years, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on their “Celebrate You! Embrace Balance” set as soon as I laid eyes on it.

So, yes, it is intended to keep shine at bay – a problem I don’t suffer from – but since it is suitable for normal to combination skin, I was safe in the assumption that my skin would have no adverse reaction. The products themselves live up to the Murad name – a 50ml Pomegranate cleanser, 30ml Pomegranate moisturiser (with SPF 15), two sachets of the Pomegranate exfoliating mask, and a 60ml bottle of T Zone Pore Refining Gel. Typically, these products would add up to £78.53, but because it is in a set it is only £39.50 (the refining gel’s retail price is £47 alone)!

The kit is fabulous. You only need the smallest, pea-sized application of each of the products to see clear, fresh – and what I would consider to be ‘zesty’ – skin. A long-lasting collection to cover all your skincare needs.

Tip: Use the pomegranate exfoliator for 4 applications per sachet. The sachet can be folded over after each use to retain freshness!