coquet coquette

Coquet coquette, you know I won’t forget
How you kissed me strange to prove you were mythical
– “Coquet, Coquette“, Of Montreal

If there were ever a band designed to make you throw on something lacy and swing your hips around the office, it would be Of Montreal. I can never sit still when I put their music on (and I suggest you follow suit!).

What I Wore: Black peplum mini dress with lacy sleeves from China, black caged heels from Siam Square, a multi-string necklace of vintage pearls, and “16 Rouge Roxane” from YSL Rouge Pur Couture.
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I am well-informed about nutrition. I love raw food, fresh foods, and drink litres upon litres of water. The problem for me? Chocolate.

Through most of my life, I haven’t felt any connection to chocolate, and due to medical advice, didn’t eat any chocolate for many years. The past year, however? A new fixation on the bad stuff – one that made me feel truly unhealthy (have you seen what ‘chocolate’ is made from?) and one that I did not want to become a habit.

Which is why when Channel 4’s recommended hypnotherapist, Jennie Francis, invited me to a session, I was more than ready to run out of the door.

As I passed the freshly botoxed faces of Harley Street, I wondered what would await behind Jennie Francis’ centrally located doors. Prior to my visit, I had beat the fashion industry’s addiction to Diet Coke with the hypno help of Marisa Peer, in one afternoon, and hoped for similar results.

The great news? Jennie is one of those women who immediately put you at ease, a woman that I would imagine anyone could ‘click’ with. With 13 years of hypnotherapy practice under her belt, she is also a woman with a lot to offer. Everything from weight loss to fertility treatments.

So, what happened in the hour-long session? After a best friend-esque catchup (she really is lovely), I was wrapped under a blanket while peacefully treated to aversion therapy.

Though…the details of the session have no real baring on her service, do they? You simply want to know if it worked! And, almost a week later back in the ‘real world’, I can confirm that it has. Not only have I not eaten any sort of ‘dessert’ or sugary food, but the thought has actually escaped my mind. Even while having the flu (a time which would usually trigger comfort food desires), all that is left is my pre-existing desire to eat rich, natural foods.

Jennie Francis works. I have no doubt about it.

bee prepared
About one month ago, I had started incorporating “BEE Prepared” into my daily vitamin regime. I have to say I didn’t notice a massive ‘change’ of any sort, but I hadn’t felt unhealthy or rundown at the time, either.

As ‘life happened’, I forgot to take them over the last two weeks. Then, as London got truly cold, my two-hour commute rewarded me with the flu. I’m talking the sneezes a-plenty, reduced to mouth-breathing-only kind of flu. The kind that gets worse by the day.

Until today. Though I have changed nothing in my intake/output besides adding a few BEE Prepared‘s to my morning vitamin cocktail, I am actually feeling a drastic difference in my energy and overall heatlh. BEE Prepared Immune Support contains a powerful combination of anti-oxidants, bioflavonoids and natural anti-viral & anti-bacterial properties; all of which seem to be my little army, today.

I am definitely not speaking from a scientific platform, but I know that BEE Prepared’s bee propolis, black elderberry, olive leaf and beta glucans have made my – very angsty – body do a 360, and thus come highly recommended by yours truly.

Big Adventure Vogue UK
One thing I love about Tim Walker is his use of Kirsi Pyrhonen. She is one of very few elite models who always gives something unexpected in a shoot – something I think worked beautifully for her in Vogue UK’s “An Awfully Big Adventure” for their December 2011 issue. With the beautiful styling of Kate Phelan, the photos turned out to be everything that we now expect from a Tim Walker spread: humour and meaning which duel with the excess. Swoon. View Post

As my skin tends to lose it’s marbles during the transition from Autumn to Winter, I knew that if I were to wear any foundation over the past few weeks, it would have to be something super light and nourishing.

Though it’s ‘on the tin’-purpose is to be used with an airbrush, “Airbase Foundation” seemed like a great choice. As a light to medium-coverage foundation with vitamin A and vitamin E, skin can also be repaired, moisturised, and protected from free radicals while improving skin elasticity.

It has a beautiful skin-like finish that I imagine would only become flawless if applied with an air compressor – which would break up particles of the foundation – instead of a foundation brush. Highly recommended.