Steven Meisel Linda Evangelista
I am so, so impressed with the way W Magazine have been thinking outside of the box in regards to their content. In what is probably the most innovative use of a fashion spread I can recall from W, their November issue features nine ads scattered throughout the pages that are completely phony.

For example, in “Lavex-les bien” (above), Edward Enninful chose to style the iconic Linda Evangelista in a ‘classic’ shampoo ad. With each ‘ad’ lensed by Steven Meisel, the overwhelming cheese-factor of each photograph is pulled off beautifully and expertly.
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Slendertone Face

Slendertone Face by Philip Treacy

In 2009, Slendertone Face was launched. This revolutionary device offered a – scientifically proven – face lift without surgery. Obviously, it became a waiting list-only item.

How does it work? Basically, the Slendertone Face sits on your cheek area like a set of headphones. Inside the padded area (which rests below your cheekbones), gentle electrical impulses get to work on toning and exercising your facial muscles which result in a slow-down of the aging process.

Now, improving on the already-stellar device, we have Slendertone Face by Philip Treacy. Yep, that Philip Treacy. The world-famous milliner has decided to create a 2.0 version of Slendertone Face which offers longer duration functionality as well as extra ‘workout’ programmes.

The world’s first natural face lift has been re-born in the most delicious way! I was intimidated to try the device at first, as I have never used anything ‘heavier’ than a face mask on my face. However, with controls that allow you to set your pulse’s strength, it felt comfortably customizable. In all honesty, it was relaxing and completely pain-free.

And the results? I have to first disclose that one of my nicknames is ‘Babyface‘. As someone who gets IDed even walking into a bar, I am not the target customer. But I’m sold. Out of the five programs (Lift, Radiance, Massage and the new Advance Lift and Complexion), I chose the latter and literally watched my perma-eyebags disappear. On setting 15 from 0-99.

I have no problem guaranteeing a change in your skin when the Slendertone Face is the real deal for someone who expected no results. (And each piece of ‘face furniture’ – Philip Treacy’s words! – is hand-painted in the UK!)

Laser Lipo
Drumroll please…I got lipo!

OK, not like you’re thinking. I was actually invited by The Body Silk Clinic in East London to preview a brand new treatment making waves in the beauty industry, Strawberry Laser Lipo.

What the monkeys, you say? Strawberry what? Basically, a strawberry shaped device targets your pesky fat cells by emitting a low level of laser energy against the area you would like to target. In doing so, the fat cells become deliciously porous, giving them the ability to release ‘the expanders’ – fatty acids, extra water and glycerol – into the blood stream. Basically, that means your body is sent into the same – natural – state that uses up your stored fat when energy is needed.

That means, when combined with 30 minutes of cardio post-treatment, those freed fatty acids get completely eliminated from your system, and can make you lose up to four inches.

It is also painless. Seriously. Nothing but a minor warmth against the skin. No recovery time. No scarring. If you’re going to spend the money on liposuction, I highly recommend you chose the Strawberry laser option at £1195 for eight treatments. My results were minor after one treatment, I have seen major results from a full course.

Frontcover Style Queen
FrontCover Cosmetics are a favourite of my assistant and almost all of her friends which makes it very peculiar that, until this month, I had never used them!

I have been missing out! I have never been particularly picky about the cost or point of sale of my cosmetics as long as it does what it says on the tin – and FrontCover cosmetics are the prime example of on-the-tin satisfaction.

Frontcover compose their palettes with designer collections in mind, and for Autumn/Winter 2011 they even went as far as to create eyeshadows inspired by materials like taffeta. Each of the fourteen new palettes were of phenomenal quality, and offered unique items such as MAC-esque pigments, beautifully trendy nail kits, or incredible sparkle!

In addition to that, the palette boxes all feature how-to guides that pay homage to glossy magazine covers and make sure to use strictly their own products (you would be surprised how often I have been asked to use different products than advertised on beauty shoots!)

My favourite kit – Style Queen – even came with brushes and an eyelash curler that doesn’t look like a torture device!

I think they would be perfect for the holiday season, and my favourite kit (It. Has. Everything.) is also on special sale this week for only £17! Easily worth over ten times as much in individual product buys.

If you buy some – be sure to show me the looks you create!

Natural Beauty
Not too long ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited to hang out with some of the wonderful faces behind the brands at Nutribeauty.

Nutribeauty is an online beauty mecca practically overloaded with the best in natural beauty. In their own words, they are ‘passionate about providing health, wellbeing and beauty’. All the usual luxury without any of the synthetic stuff.

There was truly something for everyone, and many brands which I had never heard of! Spirit of Beauty, for one, chooses to aid women into feeling fantastic from the inside out, with carefully chosen flower essences.

Then came the Bee Venom mask! Created by the lovely Deborah Mitchell of Heaven Skincare, Bee Venom is the not-so-secret source of the Dutches of Cornwall’s disappearing wrinkles. A pleasant, strange experience I urge you to read more about.

She also created something called “SOS Oil” which can easily be described as a beauty regime in a bottle. Who knew natural beauty was this powerful across the board?!

Antipodes, a brand which I already love, talked about some of their best products – Deliverance Hand Cream, Savior balm etc – and still managed to impress me with the sheer honesty and scientific investment into sharing the percentage figures for the efficacy of their heavenly products. Can’t say enough good things about their products!

Suti was also filled with love. The creators, Suzannah Jenkins and Tina Steadman, combined their names to create a skincare range to ‘feed your skin’. Homeopathy is the name of the game, here. Their oils literally smell good enough to eat and have a sensuous, refined feel to them which remedy almost everything.

These definitely weren’t the only brands on offer, and truly just a small fraction of some incredibly luxurious offerings. Must. Visit. Now.