Sensitive Skin Body Cream
Though I am lucky (and regimented) enough to have blemish-free skin, my outer layer is actually quite sensitive. On top of that, I have battled Keratosis Pilaris Rubra on and off for ten years. If you didn’t know, Keratosis Pilaris is the scientific term for unusually bumpy and inflamed areas of skin.

Because there is no ’cause’ for the condition, I have spent a long time trying out exfoliating and moisturising products for the body in hopes of reaching a good formula to ‘cure’ it. While the exfoliating side of things can be done as cheaply as a sugar mixed with olive oil, the moisturiser has been a problem.

This is not a paid ad. I have literally found the perfect moisturiser.

Pai Skincare’s Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream is organic, anti-inflammatory (thanks to the calendula) and healing (thanks to the comfrey). After two days of use, my skin was 100% bump-free. While the two c’s are mega winners, the allantonin – a natural substance I had never tried – seems to be the key, stimulating growth of new skin. The lotion itself is silky, rich, and smells faintly of orange sorbet.

On top of that? After using a hair product that left less-than-desirable results, I emptied two pumps of the body cream into my hands and worked it through my hair. Four strangers have complimented me on my locks today*. It is incredibly silky, brushable (!!), and has virtually airbrushed the frizz from my head.

I somehow feel everyone can find use for this.

* I am a frizzy mess with hair down to my bum. This never happens.

Beach Body
Finally – some sun! I have been back in London just under a week and have spent all but one day in traditional British Summer weather (rain and/or cold and/or wind). When the lovely people at The Chelsea Day Spa invited me to test out some new technology in tanning, you better believe my unwillingly sun-detoxed skin was wailing “yes! yes! yes!”.

Said technology? The Vita Liberata tan. Organic and paraben free, the nourishing spray tan takes about ten minutes to be applied and can deliver anything from a light glow to a Hawaii-esque colour.

Unfortunately, even after waiting twenty minutes longer than I had scheduled after the tan, I had to brave a monsoon-like Kings Road upon leaving. Any spray-tan alumni will know that you should never exercise/swim/shower for roughly 8 hours after your treatment or you will become streaky and patchy.

Cue Lela London running – braless – down the street as the top layer of her tan is literally running down her arms and legs onto both her dress and Balenciaga city bag. Even better? The drippy hour-long commute that followed. I thought it was over. I was mentally planning a wardrobe of full bodysuits for the week ahead.

Miraculously, as I toweled off and rubbed tons of moisturiser in roughly two hours later, the streaks disappeared. Vita Liberata not only turned into a stunning glow that was complimented multiple times over the next few days, but it didn’t streak in a rainstorm. Miracle treatment.

Luckily, The Chelsea Day Spa has combined the customizable tanning treatment with two other A-list delights in a new signature package called “BBB – Beach Body Beautiful“. The make-over combines Vita Liberata with underarm, bikini, eyebrow & full leg waxing and a New York manicure & pedicure. All for only £99. To book an appointment, either call 020 7351 0911 or visit

Natural Beauty
This is proof that no matter how great the brand, too much make-up is never good.

For NOWNESS‘ latest short film, the Dutch videography duo of Lernert and Sander shot the beautiful Hannelore Knuts as 365 layers of make-up were applied in nine hours. The “Natural Beauty” shoot emptied Ellis Faas cosmetics of seven bottles of foundation, two bottles of blush, two bottles of eye cream and three lip pens (side note: Ellis Faas lip pens are the greatest in the world). As Hannelore was fixed between two white panels, all she could consume was liquefied granola, yogurt and juice. Ah, the price of beauty.

Lernert & Sander: Natural Beauty on