Kate Middleton and Prince William
Want to look like Kate Middleton? Let me break down Kate’s signature look for you:

Fully-lined eyes, except for the waterline.
Smoky grey/pewter eyeshadow with a reflective property (the closest a royal will ever get to glitter eyes).
Lots of mascara.
Filled-in brows, natural shape.
Coral blush. (I wouldn’t be surprised if it was NARS Orgasm Blush).
A glossy nude lipstick – looks similar to L’Oreal’s sheer pink lemonade..
Dewy foundation, like Clinique’s Dewy Smooth with has perfectly balanced pink tones.

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Make-Up

Kate Middleton Wedding Make Up
My cosmetic predictions/aspirations are Photoshopped above! To stay true to the ‘Middleton look’, the eyes had to be the focus. Since weddings often call for tears, the ageing undereye kohl liner had to be replaced with a soft smudge of waterproof eyeliner in a very light shade. (Can’t have photos with lines down the face, can we Princess?) Make-up will have to be heavier to not be washed out via flash photography, therefore a strong, semi-winged upper line will keep the attention on her peepers. A stark white wedding dress allows perfection in a pinker blush, softly lined lips, and coffee-coloured smoky eyes.

Coco Rocha Viktor Mag
One of my favourite beauty musts is to juxtapose perfect, clean skin with exhausted morning-after make-up – just like Coco Rocha is modelling here. With a yank of the eyelashes*, the supermodel welcomes us to the premier issue of ViKTOR magazine.

*Tip: Worst idea ever. Make-up remover is your amigo!

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan - youtube.com/user/michellephan

…or at least look like one. Ever noticed how the dominating females of the Youtube community are always in perfect light? (No? That’s what you get for a huge portion of your life dealing with poor light.) Well, unlike their makeshift studio lighting of the past – tilted lamps and mirrors – anyone with a laptop webcam now has a much easier and creative way of looking their best.

RingLite clips over your webcam in a small donut shape, operates via USB port, and incorporates a full circle of six high-efficiency LED lights. Easier than uploading, with incredible results – just see below.
Webcam Lighting

Lauren Conrad Beauty Department
Big announcement with little press: fashion favourite Lauren Conrad has been ‘guest editing’ Allure‘s Facebook page this week and recently updated with “My new beauty site is launching right now!”

We all raised an eyebrow. New beauty site? Well, it’s here! The Beauty Department – a collaboration with hair stylist Kristen Ess and makeup artist Amy Nadine – is a beauty blog with tips, trends and more. Though it’s a baby for now, it’s set to be a guilty pleasure for both those who watched her grow up on TV, and the online mass of pretty people looking towards the beauty future. Good luck, LC!