Julien Macdonald SS12
Julien Macdonald really wowed me this season. His Spring/Summer 2012 collection started off with the most chic-looking, (seemingly) ASBO-having woman I’ve ever seen; pure buttery leather meets military precision.

Quickly, the go-to sex appeal of Macdonald’s designs were walking out in all of their glory; body-exposing graphic prints made from bright plastic thread, enough backless garments to completely swoop the back tattoo-having market (ahem, me), and high octane embroidered gowns with an extravagantly Givenchy (Fall 2010 Couture) feel. My Welsh brutha, you know what you’re doing.

Drawing inspiration from techno-pristine fiberglass, leather, and the chrome of yachts in Monte Carlo, he tapped into his business savvy and mixed in Japanese origami tailoring and Chinese Ming dragon tattoo prints (hello, Asian market). He calls it ‘modernist glamour‘. View Post

Basso Brooke SS12
Spring/Summer 2012 took no vacation from Basso and Brooke‘s defining colour exuberance. While I never fully believe that Bruno Basso and Chris Brooke can top their previous season, they always manage to do so. This season, they used every colour of the rainbow; tropical yellows, greens and blue merged with taupes and mustards in awe-inspiring digital prints. These are the type of special pieces that street style photographers will chase to snap.

Taking note of style rules, accessories were very minimal against the chaotic designs, barring statement chain necklaces and bracelets. Brooke – the brains behind the cutting of each garment – had an an applause-worthy hand in making the diaphonous motifs appear polished and sophisticated. Maximalist meets minimalist. View Post

Bora Aksu SS12
Welcome to Spring/Summer 2012 at London Fashion Week! First off, Bora Aksu. The collection, “The Unknown”, was inspired by five handwritten Edwardian postcards, and kicked off exactly in that light; heavy violins and strobe lighting for a minute for a minute or two, then a rise of the lights that presented a group of models in garments that were obviously inspired by the early 1900s – hooped underskirts, thick pleating, and gorgeous layers of silk.

Every piece came out with a raw, opulent feel, with serious attention to detail and wild texture. To top it off, every leg in the show was covered with striking tights that were partially comprised of fishnet material, and partially of lyrca. The tights created a spider web effect that spiralled around their legs, and added a seductive feel to the otherwise prim silhouettes. View Post

Fashion Week Street Style
Well, the title says it all doesn’t it? New York Fashion Week‘s Spring/Summer 2012 season showing is done and dusted. After seeing about 5000 street style photos over the past nine days, I have picked some of my favourites to share with and inspire you. Let me know if you’d like to see a “Best Dressed” list for the next three cities, as well!

Now…London Fashion Week begins!
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Ralph Lauren SS12
As a bit of a secret bookie, one of the reasons I love Ralph Lauren is the fact that in 1974 (at the beginning of his company), Mr. Lauren designed the costumes for The Great Gatsby. Imagine my surprise to see that – almost forty years later – he had designed a collection for the modern day Daisy Buchanan. The roaring Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show is going to blow your mind.

It was a feather-heavy 1920s homage with enough bias-cut to seduce your wallet into Danger Zone. That said, there was also an interesting mix of platform wedges, glossy palazzo pants and interesting suit details that pushed the collection into modern territory and steered the retro romance away from appearing costume-like. With robin’s egg blue, celadon, and daffodil colouring, every look was capped off and toughened up with a cloche hat. It was divine. View Post