In Review: St Moritz Hotel, Cornwall

st moritz hotel cornwall 6
I am an overthinker of the highest degree. While it is probably one of the so-called ‘qualities’ that makes me a successful entrepreneur, overthinking has a real knack for taking away from the magic of travel.

Case in point: one is invited to the St Moritz Hotel in Cornwall, one overthinks as follows…
Cornwall is at least four hours from London isn’t it?
It is a beach spot…won’t it be dead in Autumn/Winter?
Oh God, the website is incredibly cheery…there are going to be children here.

Thankfully, Crazy Woman Brain was interrupted by the discovery of the food menu (JUST YOU WAIT) and the unexpected flood of hazy, saccharine memories – mostly searching for Merlin around the Cornish coast – as a child.

Cornwall was officially on the cards…

st moritz hotel cornwall 19
st moritz hotel cornwall 13
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In Review: Fashion Week Cocktails at One Aldwych, London

one aldwych fashion week cocktails
As my Instagram followers will already know, I spent the majority of Fashion Week drinking my meals.

(Smoothies, too. I swear.)

Thankfully, The Lobby Bar at One Aldwych was ready and waiting when I decided to take an altogether naughtier refuel break.

In celebration of New York, London, Paris, and Milan’s Fashion Weeks, the beloved hotel teamed up with Tanqueray Gin to create four bespoke (and fashion-designer-inspired) cocktails.

For New York? Think Calvin Klein. Served in a chilled coupette glass, a bitter blend of Tanqueray No. 10, rhubarb liqueur, Martini Bianco, fresh pomegranate seeds and lemon bitters make up the ‘New York, New York‘.

For London? Think Alice Temperley. A mix of Tanqueray London Dry, rose liqueur, homemade jasmine syrup and lemon juice, topped with bergamot foam. The ‘English Rose‘is floral, delicate, and served in a chilled Martini glass.

For Milan? Think Moschino. For the cat glass alone, it became an instant favourite. ‘La Dolce Vita‘ featured Tanqueray London Dry, Martini Rosato, homemade wild berry syrup, cranberry juice, Sauvignon Blanc and mango mousse, topped with Champagne. As glamorous as cocktails get.

For Paris? Think Karl Lagerfeld. The ‘Blanc et Noir‘ swims in a Chanel-esque black glass; the contents a lemongrass foam-topped blend of Tanqueray London Dry, lemon juice, Chartreuse, elderflower cordial and citrus bitters.

You have until October 2nd and until your £13s run out.

one aldwych fashion week cocktails
one aldwych fashion week cocktails
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Travel Blog: Postcards from Paris – a 48 Hour Vlog!

paris video vlog
I knew that the 48 hours Tiffani and I planned to spend in Paris were going to be all sorts of manic. Though I am by no means an expert, it was my chosen responsibility to deliver her an amazing weekend (after all, it was her first-ever visit to a language-diverse country).

After an eventful overnight coach trip from London, we arrived in Bercy and logged in to the Hotel Tonight app just in time to secure a fantastic deal for Hotel O (a gorgeous, central, and Pantone-hued design hotel).

The following two days were an unforgettable blizzard of adventure, carbohydrates, discovery, accidental seduction, Frenglish, and more.

But enough chat, there’s a vlog to watch…

In Review: Takeaway Afternoon Tea, The Park Tower Knightsbridge

take away afternoon tea
My last trip to The Park Tower Knightsbridge was almost five years ago. 2009 – and The Park Tower – mark my first-ever business meeting with a designer brand.

Having had so much change, bewilder and humble me since that meeting, The Park Tower holds a very special place in my heart. When welcoming one of my close friends and recent London transfers to the city, it seemed more than appropriate to take a pit stop at the hotel and take away their afternoon tea for a picnic in Hyde Park.

Their ‘Take Away Strawberry Afternoon Tea‘ – as you can see – is beautifully ingenious.

In their three tier cardboard tea platter, The Park Tower include:
– London smoked salmon and green asparagus (sushi style) with keta caviar on nori bread (IT. IS. UNREAL.)
– Norwich farm chicken caesar with baby gem chiffonade on carrot bread
– Surrey peppered beef pastrami with horseradish cream on malted grain bread
– Silver Hill duck egg mayonnaise and mustard cress on viennoise briochette
– Scones with strawberry and rhubarb marmalade
– Strawberry Valrhona white chocolate truffle
– Strawberry marshmallow
– Whole strawberry dipped in Valrhona milk chocolate and nibbed sugar (
– Strawberry pâté de fruits
– Strawberry and crème chantilly pavlova
– Strawberry Victoria sponge cake tennis court and lemon tennis ball
…and…the most amazing pastry I have ever laid eyes on…
– Strawberry petit choux pastry swans with pistachio cream mousseline.

Truth be told, stretching out in the sunshine, listening to an insane Beatles cover band, and devouring the petite platter between us was the most gratifying way we could have spent an afternoon. Quintessential London luxury.

The takeaway afternoon tea is priced at £19.50 per person or £69 for two with a half bottle of Moët & Chandon Rosé (GO FOR IT) and available through August 31st. I advise booking 24 hours in advance (by online form or phone) to ensure availability.

take away afternoon tea
take away afternoon tea
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In Review: Cheval Three Quays, London

cheval three quays
Welcome, dear reader, to London’s latest five-star accomplishment: the luxurious apartments and short-term residences of Cheval Three Quays.

Last week Cheval invited me to spend an evening in one of their one-bedroom suites and – as I tend to do most blog experience invites – I did no research beforehand so I could experience everything ‘fresh’.

After being taken to my room (by the friendliest member of hotel staff I’ve ever chatted to), the first point of intrigue was the floor to ceiling windows at the end of the apartment. I almost swallowed my tongue when I went to take a look out. Whether sitting on the adjoining balcony or not, the ‘right’ side of the hotel lets you stare straight in the face of Tower Bridge and The Tower of London. It is one hell of an amazing location, tourist or not.

Eventually dragging myself away from the views, I toured the rest of the apartment with a skip in my step. From kitchen to living room to bathroom, Cheval Three Quays’ appliances are top-notch and the entire space is kitted out as you would expect a personal residence to be.

Not that you were left to your own devices…oh no, some of loveliest parts of settling into the suite were special touches: a pair of binoculars, Monopoly, and a welcome hamper full of fruit, Kettle Chips, tea, a large loaf of bread, champagne-infused jam from the Tower of London, and more.

It became ‘home’ in no time at all.

At 7pm, I was welcomed to a small champagne and canape reception where I was delighted to meet three of my fellow blogger sleepover invitees – Emma (from Adventures of a London Kiwi), Lisa (from Passage To Luxury) and Poppy (from Poppy Loves). We met – and Instagrammed, natch – in one of the Thames-facing apartments on the lower floors. With the balcony lit up by Cheval’s gorgeous waterfall feature, it simply proved that no matter where your apartment is, you can count on stupefying views at Cheval Three Quays.

After a glass of fizz or two found its way into each of us, we were zipped upstairs to one of Cheval’s Penthouses for dinner.

Pause for effect.

THIS PENTHOUSE WAS INSANE. Multiple bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and the closest thing you can get to a 360-degree view of London. I decided to take a very leisurely stroll around (aka pretend it was all mine for a few minutes) before sitting down at the dining table to enjoy the culinary spoils of Rachel from Sweetapple Catering.

Kicking things off with a crab Cobb salad, my fellow blogger babes and I shared a beautiful evening with Cheval’s head honchos, peppering the conversation with bites of Sweetapple’s pomegranate glazed lamb rump with Jerusalem artichokes and pea and caper relish.

By the time our trio of desserts arrived (the highlight of which was a faultless cardamom rice pudding with charred rhubarb), we had managed to cover everything from royal weddings, to overhyped restaurants, to conspiracy theories.

As each course was paired with a glass of wine, the arrival of the cheese board was timed perfectly with some glazed-eye excitement for the inevitable descent into bed. (True to Cheval form, it ended up being the most comfortable and pillow-esque beds I have ever slept in.)

I’m sipping the Cheval juice. And you should be, too.

cheval three quays
cheval three quays
cheval three quays
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