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The Weekend Wonder – True Beauty (Amy Harmon)

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True beauty, the kind that doesn’t fade or wash off, takes time. It takes incredible endurance. It is the slow drip that creates the stalactite, the shaking of the Earth that creates mountains, the constant pounding of the waves that breaks up the rocks and smooths the rough edges. And from the violence, the furor, the raging of the winds, the roaring of the waters, something better emerges, something that would have otherwise never existed. And so we endure. We have faith that there is purpose. We hope for things we can’t see. We believe there are lessons in loss, power in love, and that we have within us the potential for a beauty so magnificent, our bodies can’t contain it.”
- Amy Harmon

The Weekend Wonder – Jennifer Peepas (ft. Kiefer Jones – Whiskey & Wine)

You are not clingy, or needy, or silly for having needs for affection and affirmation and attention within a romantic relationship. Those needs aren’t an embarrassing outgrowth of your low-self esteem or depression or whatever messy emotional issues you may have going on, that’s just basic shit that people need from each other. We of course should not make our partners responsible for meeting all of our emotional needs – it’s not someone’s else’s job to make you happy – but inside a healthy relationship, being able to show affection, pay attention, and demonstrate ‘you are amazing and important to me’ is a pleasure, not some task or burden.”
- Jennifer Peepas

(Please show some love for my very talented ex-schoolmates, Kiefer Jones and David Lee, who have produced this beautiful song and music video.)

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