Decorating with Love (Inkifi, In Review)

A single glance at my beloved SLR will reveal all: I love photography. I knacker every photo-taking device I can get my hands on out, then spend hours oogling over every uneaten food snap and hasty image of a beautiful stranger.

But I hate photo frames.

While I think the idea of surrounding yourself with photos of memories you’ve made and people you love is fantastic, the reality often turns into a haphazard arrangement of bargain frames, awkward print sizes, and ‘gifts’ that you have to place around your home when the gift-giver is scheduled to come over.

I love uniformity, therefore, I love Inkifi. As a business model, they have been set up to help you print Instagram photos, but actually go much further than that. From typical square prints, to vintage prints, to photo books and acrylic prisms – they have a variety of tools to turn your Instagrams into something you actually want to decorate your home with.

I went for magnets as our ‘wood and gray’ kitchen is the fugly bane of my rental existence. Eighteen 2×2 inch snapshots of love and laughter in The Manfriend and I’s life so far. It is a source of constant happiness and gratitude.

(Please go support their business so I will be able to order more organised magnets in future. Thank you.)

The Launch of AR&L

Say hello to AR&L – the result of a month or so glued to my chair (short-term) and years of experience geeking out on the grand ol’ interwebs (long-term).

As you may have already seen from Twitter and Facebook, AR&L is a digital PR company specialising in social media, blogger relationships, content, and SEO. Taking the leap from freelancing to company directing may not be a natural step but – alongside my fantastic business manager/digital genius, Alexander – it is one that, one day in, has already paid off in spades.

Viva entrepreneurship!

(Heads up, brands. You’ll probably want to meander over to AR&L for the chance to win 1,000+ social media followers).

My Week on Instagram #59

My Week on Instagram
Instagram (@lelalondon) – left to right, top to bottom:
1. Oh yes hi hey hello.
2. My magical new backyard. SQUEE.
3. #WomanCrushWednesday. My beautiful vintage pale twin feminist engineer zombie heroine, Kate. No one like you.
4. Snaps for…effort? #ordered1secondapart
5. Hot Lips by Ellis Faas. New. Long lasting. Destined for my handbag.
6. The first of 1000 glasses of bubbles. Celebrating big changes!
7. As Northerners say…‘MUNGRAY. (New Food For Thought at!)
8. Building the dream wardrobe
9. Honestly no idea how these photos relate, but last night was fantastic. Thank you to everyone who came!
10. Bedtime snugs. Snatched the boy’s specs.

My Week on Instagram #58

My Week on Instagram
Instagram (@lelalondon) – left to right, top to bottom:
1. Pyjamas and makeup. Last minute Halloween costume? Sleeping Lion.
2. We’re driving cadillacs in our dreams.
3. We refuse to take brunch lightly.
4. Rough night.
5. It’s cold…get spicy. (New Food for Thought column at
6. In a league of their own.
7. Being British is a wonderful thing.
8. The cutest traffic jam.
9. #TBT. Books at bathtime. Room for twelve.
10. Aztec.

My Week on Instagram #57

My Week on Instagram
Instagram (@lelalondon) – left to right, top to bottom:
1. Playing Fashion Icon with Levis.
2. Marshmallows and the most exciting launch from By Terry evahhhhh.
3. Wedding. We cited.
4. You is hot stuff, Trinity Leeds.
5. You guys…THIS happened in Manchester.
6. Noun: Manchester House. See: food so good you wanna cry.
7. Kimchi burger and sweet potato fries. Late (and delicious) brunch.
8. Oh, loved ones. :’)
9. Beanie baby. #fridayfeeling

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