Travel Blog: Postcards from Paris – a 48 Hour Vlog!

paris video vlog
I knew that the 48 hours Tiffani and I planned to spend in Paris were going to be all sorts of manic. Though I am by no means an expert, it was my chosen responsibility to deliver her an amazing weekend (after all, it was her first-ever visit to a language-diverse country).

After an eventful overnight coach trip from London, we arrived in Bercy and logged in to the Hotel Tonight app just in time to secure a fantastic deal for Hotel O (a gorgeous, central, and Pantone-hued design hotel).

The following two days were an unforgettable blizzard of adventure, carbohydrates, discovery, accidental seduction, Frenglish, and more.

But enough chat, there’s a vlog to watch…

What I Wore – Julian Hakes and Babes

julian hakes
Amidst a rough couple of weeks between eye surgeries, my sister* Tiffani finally left the US and made her way over here to join me for two weeks of adventure in Leeds, London, and Paris. Not only that, but two of my favourite Londoners hauled their lovely bums up to Leeds to share in the excitement of her first weekend; an introduction to ‘night’s out’, cathedrals, mystery games, the countryside, latte art, the Great British High Street, and more.

I am a lucky lady.

What I Wore:
Julian Hakes Mojito Shoes from Cloggs (because what better excuse to whip out the coolest shoes I’ve ever seen – plus, they’re on sale!)
Polka dot shirt dress (similar here)

(*Not by blood, but – long story short – after her family took me in and became my family so many years ago, there is no better way to describe her).

julian hakes
julian hakes
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Eye Surgery Hiatus

eye surgery
In the land of Lela, crazy things have popped up unexpectedly.

Like, bleeding in my eyes.

Long story short, a blend of stress and blood issues (yay, anemia and diabetes!) has meant I woke up a few mornings back with no vision in my right eye. After being checked out at the hospital for a few hours, I have undergone the first session of two eye surgeries that will hopefully end next Monday and fix the damaged blood vessels.

No sympathies needed, I just want to keep everyone up to date as the blogs will be few and far between in this time period – the sight I do have is very blurry from the surgeries.

(After which you will have some AMAZING updates as my ‘friend’/sister is leaving America for the first time and visiting me for two weeks of adventures!)

For now, sunglasses and besos…


The Technology Fast

the tech fast
Last week, the guys at Insurance2Go challenged me to go technology free for 24 hours.

It is safe to assume that every reader of this blog is somewhat dependent on technology, and I am not excluded from the assumption. I am a self-diagnosed tech addict.

Hidden under the jazzy lighting of the photo above are all the portable devices I have used over the past month; two phones (though I am positive I will only use my new LG G3 from this point on), an iPad, a laptop, and a Surface. This is not including the computer I spend all of my work day at.

The 24 hours was going to be a challenge akin to ripping Kim Zolciak away from her wigs.

Did I make it? Not exactly (when you hear your phone buzz 50 times while working out alone, willpower is low).

My livelihood is technology and if this experiment taught me anything, it is that I am proud of it. While I am probably prone to an extraneous Instagram or two, technology is my lifelife, overall. It connects me to the continents I no longer live on, connects me to my clients, readers, friends, and news (both personal and impersonal).

To be tech-free is to be alone in this day and age. I’m happy to be a junkie.

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