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Paddleboarding day was a day of relatively below par photos. As an apology to everyone who expects more from the blog: here….here is a death-defying gif of The Manfriend jumping off some caves.

Deciding it wasn’t a good idea to take my beloved SLR into the ocean while paddleboarding, the photos you see here are courtesy of a GoPro (and in honour of one of the fellow boarder’s GoPro, which now lives at the bottom of the ocean).

Long story short, paddleboarding – or surface water surfing with a stick – is an amazing workout, lots of fun, and gives you the chance to explore secluded beaches and caves that are impossible to reach by land. There are only a few things I advise:

Wear a hat and high-factor, waterproof SPF. Hanging out in direct sun for three hours makes you a prime target for sunburn.
Fuel up. I wasn’t hungry enough to have a full breakfast, so ended up with low blood sugar half way through paddleboarding. While we’re not all diabetic, much of the group got exhausted after an hour or two. A little extra fuel will go a long way.
Water. It’s an elongated workout in the sun. Hydration is essential. Take a bottle and hide it in your board’s netting.
Be sensible when exploring. We were fortunate to have very experienced guides, but I still ended up with battered legs from rock climbing around the caves. If you’re cliff diving, rock climbing, or swimming without your board, make sure you’ve checked the area.
Use your paddles the right way round. I spent a good thirty minutes frustrated that I wasn’t moving as fast as anyone else.

Having realised we hadn’t taken any obligatory ‘family outfit photos’, we decided to snap a few before we headed off for our final meal that evening. Obviously, regardless of great intentions, the photos ended up being completely out of focus (the un-cropped versions show¬†beautiful detail on the pool water).

I think they might be my favourite photos, anyway.

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paddleboarding mallorca
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mia hamm
It is the beginning of the year and, yet again, everyone has turned into their own special brand of fitness fanatic. We’re promising to become CrossFit champs, we’re eating like Olympians, we’re juicing ourselves into oblivion…I’m even getting asked to celebrate women in sport with Bwin, who have launched a blogger campaign to highlight a variety of ladybabe sport heroes.

Mine is simple. While constantly fighting the urge to sit back and online-shop myself into ownership of a seriously ridiculous gym wardrobe, I remind myself of Mia Hamm. Remind myself of my initial love for fitness, soccer (I know, I know…’football’), and girl power that existed outside the realm of platforms and Union Jack dresses.

Mia – though now retired – held the record for the most international goals in the history of soccer until last year. Dudes included. She was and is a powerhouse, a philanthropist, and an inspiration for every female soccer player I know. The girl that changed the game in every interpretation of the word.

Which women in sport have inspired you?

wakeman road
I do a fair share of spa reviews, but I’m not sure Wakeman Road can be grouped with the rest. Open from Tuesday to Saturday, Wakeman Road is a member’s club-cum-spa slogan-promised to be a place ‘Where Good Things Happen’.

Unlike the majority of other spas, Wakeman Road nurture a collaborative, creative philosophy. Seriously rooted in health, everything from the treatments to the membership itself encourage an ongoing healthy lifestyle: your monthly membership fee is redeemable towards your treatments, meaning one treatment a month eliminates your membership fee. Rather than extraneous fees, the membership cost is simply an investment in your help.

Heading in for my first treatment, I was convinced I needed a full-body massage (Hello, my name is Stress Head) but was convinced to experience a bit of reiki under the hands one one of Wakeman Road’s internationally renowned practitioners. Though palm healing has always seemed like smoke and mirrors to me, one treatment at Wakeman Road had me convinced. When working through the seven chakras, my practitioner unlocked a rather blocked throat chakra – one that had me coughing during healing – and heart chakra. As a former singer who certainly feels a little lost without music in my life (something that – until this blogpost – I would never admit), the acknowledgment of this as an issue alone created a great feeling of healing.

Go, go, then go some more. Wakeman Road is something special.

wakeman road
wakeman road

body infographic
According to a recent survey, it would appear that the public’s perception of perfection has barely changed over the decades. We have the hourglass, shapely woman and the muscular, V-shaped man revealed to be the most desired body shapes…even after all these years.

The survey from MYA, which involved over 1,000 men and women, asked participants to choose their perfect and most desired body parts using different celebrities as examples.

Despite the emergence of the ‘supermodel’ and the size-0 stigma that seems to niggle the brain of even the tiniest women, the findings revealed that the iconic 1950’s Marilyn Monroe-figured woman is still deemed to be the perfect body type. A silver lining for the increasingly curvy modern-day British woman, to say the least.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are famous for their sexy curves and feminine form and, apparently, these have not gone unnoticed by the good people of the UK. Kim Kardashian came out with the most favoured overall body shape and Beyonce took the number one spot for her legs, abs and bum, all of which are voluptuous, shapely and toned to perfection.

When it comes to the female face, delicate and soft features proved to be the most popular. It was Cheryl Cole’s doe-eyes and glossy, long brown hair – teamed with Angelina Jolie’s luscious lips and button nose – that came together to create the ‘perfect’ face, according to the participants.

In a break from the norm, it wasn’t just the female form that came under scrutiny. The participants were also asked for their opinion on what constitutes the perfect male face and body. With David Beckham’s overall body shape, bum and legs and Channing Tatum’s Abs, it seems that the chiselled physique of original poster boy, Eugen Sandow, remains the most popular idea of perfection. The defined, V-Shaped body has been the envy of men and the desire of women since Victorian times and it would appear that the only difference today is a few strategically placed tattoos (A+ from me).

Bradley Cooper’s pale blue eyes, Brad Pitt’s enviable nose and pouting lips, plus David Beckham’s famous head of hair would complete the perfect look for a man according to the survey. The combination, however, looks incredibly creepy in its final result.

Though it is somewhat surprising to find that this perception of the perfect face and body has barely faltered over the decades, it is undeniable that a classically curvy woman and a muscular man are likely to remain the desired body shapes and deemed ‘perfect’ for many more years to come.

What do you think?

body infographic


“It’s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.”
Marlene Dietrich

When learning about Weight Watchers’ latest campaign – ‘Together Is Better’ – the quote above was the first thing that came to mind. Support, in every part of life, is so unbelievably essential to be and feel successful.

Knowing that dieting, in particular, can prove to be a real struggle without support around you, Weight Watchers are pioneering the ‘buddy system’ by launching a competition where you can win a fridge makeover for you and a friend! The chosen pair will be rewarded with two brand new state-of-the-art fridges, as well as a whole host of food guru support, food vouchers and hampers full of goodies! Competition details can be found on the Weight Watchers Facebook page here: (and for mobile here:!)

While you’re at it, if you have a friend to team up with you may want to take advantage of the three offers on their tab (no joining fee, friend benefits, and a discounted Monthly Pass).

Be sure to let me know how you get on!
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