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After announcing the lucky winner of the digital camera, it is time to continue my advocacy for British Gas’ amazing Smart Meters by updating you all on the campaign’s progress!

At this point, it is more than obvious for anyone to see how important the smart meters rollout is in the development of the future home. As you can see in the above infographic, 60% of our energy bills are currently dominated by heating and the lack of control means we often end up wasting money. Not only that, but even leaving our gadgets on standby or charging too long (guilty! guilty!) creates an energy deficit – a whopping £740million waste across the UK! At the end of the day, it is all about awareness; being involved in this campaign has encouraged me to change my energy habits for the better.

The Smart Meters ethos just gets it. With the information at your fingertips, it is all about making smarter and smarter choices. Every little helps, after all.

Whoever said sofas can’t be sexy? When a leading British fashion designer met one of the biggest furniture producers in the UK, they proved that the living room isn’t just for living; it’s for loving!

Giles Deacon teamed up with DFS sofas this month to produce the ultimate in fashionable soft furnishings. Deacon has given it some lip with a bold and beautiful design inspired by one of his previous collections.

The collection, named ‘Lipgloss’, includes a three-seater sofa and footstool. Despite putting fashion at the forefront of this collaboration, Deacon has by no means compromised on comfort, highlighting that the footstool could be used to extend the sofa into a giant bed.

The design also echoes elements of Giles Deacon’s S/S ‘14 catwalk show at London Fashion Week earlier this month, with a reproduction of the lip motifs he printed on a number of bright and playful dresses.

The designer himself says the design was actually inspired by a previous dress in his S/S ‘13 collection.

The handmade DFS Lipgloss sofa is a monochrome print with small pops of bright orange to make it a real showstopper. The design features large lips all over, giving the collection its name. Giles says that he had a clear vision of what he wanted to create and labels the daring style as his own creation – ‘Sophistipop.’

The loud and stylish sofa would suit any fashion lover wanting to bring a little of the magic of LFW home with them and it would make a great focal point in a modern home. The sofas are handmade in Britain and combine a high quality finish with comfort.

This is the first time Deacon has collaborated with a furniture company although he has previously worked with Sky, Converse and jewellery company Evoke to create limited edition designs.

The 44 year history behind DFS and their launch of the new DFS Design scheme made Deacon excited to work on the project.

Giles will be on the panel of judges to decide who wins the £20,000 DFS bursary aimed at final year design undergraduates in February next year.

Guest Post.

british gas smart meters
As I recently started to work with British Gas as an advocate for their Smart Meters campaign, I have surprised myself by becoming a massive have-to-tell-everyone kinda fangirl. The smart meter, my friends, is the biggest energy revolution since the 70s and a pretty spectacular thing for our environment.

While the monitor itself can be placed anywhere in the home, it gives readings of your gas and electricity in pounds and pence and even offers clever insights into your consumption, helping everyone become more and more energy efficient (and helping you save money!) With free upgrades for existing customers, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be registering your interest.

smart meter infographic


In celebration of the gadgety goodness that is the Smart Meter, I have collaborated with British Gas to give one reader the chance to win a Kodak EasyShare Sport C123!

Waterproof? Check.
12MP? Check.
3-step sharing (with simultaneous upload to YouTube, Facebook, email and others)? Check.

Feeling green-eyed over here.

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working from home
The way we are using technology is having a huge impact on the way we work. You can work from your desktop computer, your tablet…even your mobile phone (sorry friends, I know, I know!). The rise of home and remote working is great, giving more opportunities to people to earn extra money, spend more time with their families or friends, and devote themselves more to their home life.

However, the rise of the home worker – bloggers, especially – can leave many feeling like they are never off work. It’s very easy to sit and work until late when you should be spending time with friends, family, or simply switching off. Likewise, it’s easier to get distracted if you are working from home, with music, DVDs and television all fighting for your attention.

One way to make sure that you are working efficiently and effectively is to ensure that you separate your workspace from your ‘home space’, although this could be difficult if you live in a cramped apartment. Perhaps choosing to sit with your laptop at the dining table for work related activity, and your sofa for your home or play related activity is one method to try.

Make sure that you dedicate a set time for work. It is often said that dressing appropriately for your home worker role can have an impact of the efficiency of your work. Just because no one can see you doesn’t mean you should be writing or calculating while you are still in your pyjamas!

If you have the space, set up an office with everything that you would normally use in a traditional office environment. This means everything from kettle to computer, stapler to printer. Likewise, make sure that you make your home space appropriate, and try to keep the two areas apart. If, like me, your bedroom is your office, I suggest in investing in a new bed (love Bedstar) and keeping your office work as far away from it as possible. Keep it a special place.

Make sure that you take breaks throughout the day, but ensure these aren’t too prolonged. Get away from your desk for an hour at lunchtime, try to relax and not think about the work you have to do in the afternoon. It is recommended (but – ahem – not always possible) that you take a five minute break every hour from a computer to rest and relax your eyes.

Enjoy your personal and financial freedom, babes.

Now into my third (?!) month of issues with my call-I-even-call-it-new flat, I have decided to do a little nesting. While I haven’t suddenly turned into Martha Stewart, the addition of this dressmaker’s mannequin – or ‘dress form’ – from Out There Interiors (you have to check the out for French furniture and accessories) has made me wildly happy. Though the black and white damask version of the mannequin first caught my eye, the cream and pink floral version is a perfect choice for those of you – like me – who are much more girly than they allow themselves to realise (white bedsheets and pink coffee machines, hello). That floral mannequin might just be the best thing I own.