Interior Design: A Bathroom of Tactile Textures

tactile bathroom
After being asked to create a Pinterest board of my inspirations by C.P. Hart, I had a look through their trend report from Cersaie – the world’s largest bathroom and tile trade fair – and found it refreshing to find that they had pulled ‘tactile textures‘ out as a theme – it is everything I love about interior design.

Tactile textures, as a design genre, has to do with textured finishes on a natural palette – often incorporating rustic or tribal patterns (my favourite example of which is probably The Wheatsheaf, which I found on their trade site). Texturally, I think it is very easy to go overboard; clashing one too many prints, mixing heavy and light textures that don’t compliment each other, or utilizing colour in a way that distracts from the textures themselves. This is why a clean palette is the key component in making texture work.

Focusing on the sense of touch, my project-dedicated Pinterest board has now become a dream compilation of interior features and inspirations. Want to take a look? Simply click here and lust with me!

(In the meantime, you will find me attempting to take baths in C.P. Hart’s showrooms…shh.)

interior design texture
interior design wood texture

The Launch of AR&L

Say hello to AR&L – the result of a month or so glued to my chair (short-term) and years of experience geeking out on the grand ol’ interwebs (long-term).

As you may have already seen from Twitter and Facebook, AR&L is a digital PR company specialising in social media, blogger relationships, content, and SEO. Taking the leap from freelancing to company directing may not be a natural step but – alongside my fantastic business manager/digital genius, Alexander – it is one that, one day in, has already paid off in spades.

Viva entrepreneurship!

(Heads up, brands. You’ll probably want to meander over to AR&L for the chance to win 1,000+ social media followers).

Magazines on The Go: LeKiosk!

When I was a teenage girl I loved collecting magazines. Ripping magazines to pieces and sticking pages all over my walls (sup, old school Pinterest) was an activity that took up many of my afternoons and aided all homework procrastination. With an increase in age, decrease in spare time and adult awareness in its environmental impact, this tradition has been tossed in the proverbial trashcan. This isn’t to say I have lost my passion for magazines. I still hoard them…now, in a new way – with the LeKiosk app.

Simply, LeKiosk is a 3d magazine kiosk that lets you build your own library of magazines. With package deals (3 magazines for £4.99 or 10 magazines for £9.99) and a slew of international titles available, it is by far the easiest and cheapest way I have found to build a stellar reading collection. I use the Android version but it is available on the AppStore and Windows Store, too.

Personal recommendations for June: Woman’s Health, Company, Vogue.

Happy reading!

Girl’s Night In: Pinterest Style

girls night in
Though I seem to have less of them than I would like, I am a big fan of a Girl’s Night In (Deliverance and movie marathons are a personal favourite). It doesn’t really surprise me that, when compared to a Girl’s Night Out, 80% of ladies said a night in with the girls was best for having a laugh.

Feeling inspired, I took to Pinterest today hoping to collect inspiration and plan a few future Girl’s Night In extravaganzas:

Pinterest ideas for a Girl’s Night In

girls night in
A Girl’s Night In with Southern Hospitality

girls night in 2
A selection of crafts for a Girl’s Night In

game night
Girl’s Night In meets Game Night

girls night girls dinner
Girl’s Night meets Girl’s Dinner: Pizza Party Style

bridesmaids movie party
The Bridesmaids Movie Viewing Party: The Ultimate Girl’s Night

Which is your favourite idea for a Girl’s Night In?

South Africa – Travel in Style with Cox & Kings

South Africa
Click here for the Pinterest board!

Considering I am currently on a comedown from my incredible vacation in America, I jumped right on the chance to participate in this travel-based competition from luxury holidays company Cox & Kings. (A trip to Warsaw is up for grabs!)

A few bloggers – myself included – have been invited to create a “holiday wardrobe” Pinterest board of 10 items that represent the country of our choice. Because I have been obsessed with this country (slash elephants) since the age of 7, I knew that South Africa would be my immediate choice.

My pinned choices represent both my personal taste and the country itself. You may notice that each colour on the country’s flag (green, white, yellow, black, white, navy blue, red) have been accounted for.

Over the past ten years, South Africa has also developed into a major wine producer with incredible vineyards, so I knew that I wanted to get a beautiful wine-coloured evening piece in there somewhere. At the same time, I feel that South Africa is a country that – at least in the daytime – should be vigorously explored. A “bite the bullet and wear flats” location. Flats done the Lela way, with these eye-catching angel wing sandals that remind me of flight…of travel…while remaining appropriately comfortable.

When I think of South Africa, Ladysmith Black Mambazo – the country’s most famous musical export – always comes to mind. In honour of her creative genius, I have included this lightweight “Ladysmith” blazer from Jack Wills. Tailor made holidays tailored by clothing name? Yes, I’m that compulsive.

Last but not least, there are some definite essentials that cannot afford to be missed. Por ejemplo, Fodor’s illustrated guide to South Africa (because every fashionista loves visual information!), a high-quality SPF, and a deluxe travel kit of beauty booty.

Safe and happy travels!

Click here for the Pinterest board!