Like any modern twenty-something, I felt I had enough cinematic experience to prepare me for my first trip to Las Vegas and while I wouldn’t say my naivety left me at a loss, I certainly didn’t imagine Vegas in its incredible entirety.

Parties? Sure. Gambling? Sure. Wealth? You betcha. The endlessly entertaining, relaxing, and somehow family-friendly city it is? Not at all.

From an impromptu night partying with Calvin Harris to a day hiking the Grand Canyon, Vegas gave me everything I could have hoped for in the middle of the desert. And so much more.

The vlog (above) and blog (below) will give you the low-down on my personal experience as well as a bit of a Vegas for Dummies (or Vegas 101, to be politically correct) at the bottom.



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I was swept off my feet by Los Angeles. And it complicated things.

Before my month and a half-long trip began, I was convinced San Francisco would be the place I fell in lust with. I was truly shocked for the lust to as you know – it turned out to be the place

Through grey-tinted glasses, I have been telling everyone who asks that San Francisco was nowhere near as magical as I’d hoped. Until yesterday. When I opened my hundreds of photos to edit and relived my indulgences, excursions, and education visually…

San Francisco is sensational.

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