I love London. I sign things London. London is the key to my heart – it deserves some writing.

Long Hair Extensions
I have talked to you about my obsession with hair. Now, it’s time to talk about length. I am an absolute sucker for long hair and after cutting my hair a while ago, I am beyond eager to grow it all back. Of course, the other option is hair extensions.

Trouble is, I had hair extensions a long time ago and wanted to rip them out of my head (I ended up doing so a week later). Choosing between a few different methods, I thought I would be too clueless for clip-ins so the fusion technique would be best. Boy, was I wrong. Though it was done by someone with a great reputation, the glue bonds made my hair heavy, painful and in major need of conditioning. What I didn’t know then was that micro rings are the answer.

Micro rings cause no damage to your natural hair and are completely without glue or weave. The jist is that a strand of extension hair is placed with a strand of your hair – creating a single combined strand – then placed inside the ring and closed flat to tightly hold the extension hair to your natural hair. These rings weigh nothing more than an extra strand of hair and are almost invisible (no chunky glue!). Since there is no chemical process to remove or maintain them, they can also last well over three months.

Important Tips

– Ask around. Read tons of reviews. The hair extension industry is prone to people who have no idea what they are doing (check Youtube for horror stories if you dare).
– Do not try and do it yourself. You can’t 360 your head like a trained professional.
– The only no-no for micro ring users would be to brush your hair starting from the top. You would be brushing a tiny ring. Otherwise, it acts like normal hair.
Hair quality. The scam artists of the industry are known to use plastic or plastic/real combination hair of very poor quality. You have the right to see and touch the hair.
– You get what you pay for. If it seems too good to be true, or you’re getting charged a flat rate for any length you choose, you are being taken. It is common sense to know the longer the hair, the more it will cost.

In my research, almost everyone I’ve spoken to in the industry has said the best hair extensions in London are done by Hairextensionaires. Jacqui – the sole owner – has clients travel internationally to get their hair done by her. She is so talented she can even work with those suffering from hair loss; with years of experience and well-priced service, she is renowned as the key to healthy, heavenly hair. It is time to start saving the pounds, ladies!

Britains Next Top Model Live
Contestants from series six of Britain’s Next Top Model (including Alisha White, Charlotte Holmes, Joy McLaren and winner Tiffany Pisani) joined presenter Emma Willis and Charley Speed to strut their stuff on and off runway at Britain’s Next Top Model Live this weekend. Diana Vickers, Eliza Doolittle and more below! View Post

Nosh Weekend Detox
Detoxing in London is hard and necessary, especially in the fashion industry. With events that essentially pour drinks down your throat, indulgent lunch meetings, and nights that never end on the right side of midnight, you can’t complain. However, sometimes I feel like my body is screaming “Toxins! Toxins!” at me as I can add an allergy to wheat and gluten to the above list (that is frequently ignored).

Thank God for Nosh Detox. Not everyone can afford the time, effort or money to book into a spa, hide out in a health club, or fly to Mallorca for a weekend detox. Now, well-being delivery service Nosh has developed a unique Weekend Detox package to help you detox, lose any ‘unhealthy’ weight and improve overall health and well-being, so that you feel and look noticeably better after just three days. Nutritional Technician and author Geeta Sidhu-Robb founded the Chelsea-based company in 2004 – I can’t believe I’ve just got around to trying it out!

The Weekend Detox package comes with an ‘Immune Booster Box‘ that helps you with hemp oil, aloe vera, an ayurvedic cleanse, bee pollen, homemade salt scrubs and herbal teas to help you through your detox. Everything was absolutely delicious, and a fantastic learning experience. I constantly felt full, healthy, and full of energy – didn’t reach for a single cup of coffee. Never has a detox worked so fast for me! A Nosh Juice Fast is also available, as well as the ‘ABC Plan’. For further information on them – visit here after taking a look at a sample menu below. View Post

Eyelashes Chelsea Day Spa
It is always fantastic to have a spa within ‘healthy walk’ distance from you. Especially one with the design and service reminiscent of a boutique hotel. While The Chelsea Day Spa officially opened in May 2009, founder Faye Fasan makes it feel like they’ve been doing in for years. Tucked quietly off of Kings Road, there is no hustle and bustle to aggravate you – just indulgence.

They have a little bit of everything on offer; I partook in an eyelash treatment with Helen which was professional, intricate and relaxing as a facial (I am the spa type to just enjoy someone playing with my face as long as I can lay down.) As far as recommendations go, I would definitely recommend their Vita Liberata self tan treatment. Michelle Rodriguez – aka Miss Perfect Skin – is a fan of the the ‘A list’ sunless self tanning company because it is odourless, organic and paraben free. No streaks. No orange. While I prefer to stay in my natural shade of cream, the Tangoed Ladies of London should listen up – this is the self tan you need!

Want to getting a little R&R where “Sex and the City” meets “Brideshead Revisited“? Check out myhotel Chelsea.

Less than a thirty-second walk off of Fulham Road‘s eastern end you will find a pastel-lit hotel that almost disappears into it’s surroundings. With a platform-soled step into the lobby, I was set up for one of the most relaxing visits imaginable. The entire design of the hotel is very fresh, with the idea of being a “comfortable bohemia“.

It is an informal enclave with only 45 rooms, each as glamorous as the last. I must mention that the upgrade to a suite is completely worth it. My Queen Suite was a just-pink-enough, eclectic setting that I just didn’t want to leave. As well as all the standard amenities, the hotel has teamed up with the BeeKind Collection for their toiletries (which, let’s be honest, we all obsess over) which were luxurious, skin-friendly formulations in environmentally kind packaging.

I spent the afternoon writing up a storm thanks to their instant wireless setup – after picking out an in-house film in the guest-only library for my background music -, had a champagne cocktail or two at mybar (I highly recommend Honey Bunny and Disco Fizz!), and then went fifteen minutes down the road to the fantastic Sophie’s Steakhouse for dinner. When you stay at myhotel Chelsea, you have to visit Sophie’s. Their Chateaubriand is – with no endorsement – the best steak in London. Follow it up with a raspberry and white chocolate creme brulee with one of their enormous spicy cocktails and you may just need a taxi back.

I must admit, I was preaching the gospel of their 24-hour room service as soon as I got back. When a fashionista has consumed about seventy-billion flavours in a few hours, losing her toothbrush is an endemic crisis. Thankfully, after a quick call to reception, a lovely man essentially teleported to my room, Gilchrist & Soames in hand. The staff as a whole were fantastic, all decked out in uniforms designed by Nicholas Oakwell, with mix and match Pringle separates and perma-smiles on their faces.

One great quirk the hotel offers is “mypreferences” – a form that is issued during the time of reservation which lets you pick specific choices; from the type of pillow you would like to the kind of music that should greet you when you arrive in your room. No muzak here.

Though I didn’t get to try them out, two great places for your hotel well-being are their “Energy Zone” (a fully stocked fitness suite) and “Jinga” (the treatment haven that combines Eastern healing and Western products). La Vie Boheme.