Jason Wu Target

  • Now that Jason Wu has been confirmed as the next Target collaborator, we are already being teased by what’s to come! Above, we have a sketch of a Jason Wu for Target design next to one of his Spring/Summer 2012 runway looks, for reference. The collection will launch February 5, 2012, and the teaser video below already has me overloaded with excitement.

  • At the end of March 2012, London’s Design Museum will be opening a retrospective of Christian Louboutin‘s 10-year-long rise to the top of the shoe game!

  • Kanye West‘s debut collection was apparently more high risk than many thought, as he “took out motherf—ing loans to get the best models“. One of those models, the exquisite Chanel Iman, has also sparked rumours that she might be Kanye’s new girlfriend.

  • The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) have scheduled the Spring/Summer 2013 shows at Lincoln Center to start on September 13, 2012. A week later than usual. Why? They don’t want to force anyone to work over Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, this means that the succeeding shows in London, Milan, and Paris will have to be put on hold to avoid an overlap.

    Milan isn’t on board. The Italian Chamber of Fashion has complained that moving shows like Max Mara and Gucci back any further would mean they would not be able to send their orders into production quickly enough to satisfy their buyers.

    This means London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week could show at the same exact time. Conde Nast (the publisher of Vogue, W, Glamour, etc) representative Jonathan Newhouse, the international charmain, said his editors will choose London over Milan.

    Can a fashion week work without the likes of Anna Wintour and Franca Sozzani? I think a change will have to be made on someone’s behalf to keep all ‘fashion cities‘ happy!

  • If you weren’t one of over 600,000 people who went to view Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen wedding dress while it was on display at Buckingham Palace, it’s unlikely you ever will. After the exhibition closed yesterday, a source at the palace said that Kate is “keen to ensure that the [packed up] dress survives undamaged for as long as possible, and so this inevitably means limiting the number of times that it is transported or displayed.”
  • Westfield London Car Bootique
    For the second year in a row, Westfield London have taken it upon themselves to completely revolutionize the modern car boot sale with…drumroll, pleaseThe Car Bootique!

    This year, The Atrium was filled with 10 fashion-forward Mercedes Benz beauties, brimming with the best of Autumn/Winter 2011. Each gorgeous luxury vehicle was decorated by a brand, who each individually had something special on offer for visitors. Brands involved were Reiss, Coach, French Connection, Twenty8Twelve, Onitsuka Tiger, Ted Baker, House of Fraser, Firetrap, River Island and DKNY Jeans

    and breathe!

    On top of that, there was a “Blogger Hunt” set in place for a chance to win a £100 Westfield Gift Card. To win, you had to follow Lily from What I Heart Today and Jess from CatwalkQueen.tv on Twitter, follow their clues, and try to find them.

    Clue 1: I’m feeling truly British today! #wihtwestfield @westfieldlondon

    Amazingly – because I never win anything – my fashion knowledge and mental map of Westfield’s 1,614,600 ft² building came in handy as I managed to find Lily (above) within a minute of reading her clue! Proof that a Mulberry obsession can be profitable, no? ;D

    Westfield London Car Bootique

    Back to the Car Bootique with gift card in tow, I finally got to join the crowd of style-savvy visitors to play around (and get snap-happy with) new and one-off pieces from some of my favourite brands. Pure fashion heaven.

    Westfield London Car Bootique

    So, what were some of the best goodies, you ask?

    The cute-as-can-be car, above, belonged to River Island, who were ready and willing to share their exclusive Chelsea Girl collection! For those who don’t remember, Chelsea Girl was actually the high street favourite from the 60’s to 80’s before they transformed into River Island, right as the 90’s approached! Everyone who visited The River Island wardrobe were entered into a draw to win £500 worth of River Island vouchers.

    Onitsuka Tiger implemented a ‘fishing’ game where you could ‘fish out’ a shoe from the car’s boot which would contain an origami object that unfolds to tell you your prize! There were also major 50% off discounts.

    Reiss were offering 10% off stock, a showcase of their anniversary collection ‘Reiss Editions’, and a chance to win an entire Reiss wardrobe worth £500!

    Westfield London Car Bootique

    Firetrap were doing it big! Not only did they have a gorgeous, glam grunge collection on offer, but they were giving some really fabulous things away. First, there was complimentary Nail Art manicures by Sophy Robson’s NailPorn, then there were free customised t-shirts with every purchase over £20 (with proceeds going to Teenage Cancer Trust!), and – to celebrate the launch of The Sunday Girl collection – Sunday Girl herself aka Jade Williams was doing a special DJ set.

    DKNY Jeans, ready with a New York City cab-esque Benz and traffic lights, were offering every shopper an amazing 20% off any new season collection purchases!

    And last, but not least, Ted Baker! With every purchase during the Car Bootique, customers received an envelope with a ‘win or lose’ message inside. With a win, they had the chance to get a prize from ‘Ted’s tombola’, or even the grand prize – the entire wardrobe of Ted Baker goodies in the boot itself!

    Westfield London Car Bootique

    After all that shopping, there was even a “Hair and Beauty Pit Stop” where The Ginger Group and new make up brand KIKO were offering full make-overs! With blow-outs, styling and trials of the latest, greatest palettes and products in Westfield, it was a great opportunity to get glamorous in time for their…

    fashion shows! Each day, there were four shows that showcased the most beautiful and trendy garments for the season ahead. Autumn/Winter style selections included all of the Car Bootique brands, and they were styled to perfection. It was a great source of inspiration and entertainment for anyone outside of the fashion industry who typically doesn’t get to see the shows. They were super professional, and demonstrated key trends we will be seeing over the next few months; heritage, ladylike lines, animal print, and mod, especially.

    A real high note to end the day!

    Westfield London Car Bootique

    Take note, all! Until the end of the day, Westfield is holding an online competion where they are giving away a car boot filled with 10 prizes (worth over £1,500!) to one lucky winner. Check their Facebook for details, and good luck!

    Lela xo

    London Riots Woman Jumping

    A Letter To The Participants of the London Riots

    To (your name),

    Your city is burning around you, and whether you literally lit the flame or not, it’s been instigated under your initiative.

    You have to stop.

    I know you’re angry. Most of us are. With little to no stake in the system, a huge percentage of people – like you and I – are cut off from social and economic rewards that are frequently flaunted in front of us. A small percentage of us can afford the ‘latest and greatest’.

    It sucks, but it is no excuse for what you are doing. Those rewards are not a birthright, but gained through work and education.

    “I heard two girls arguing about which store to steal from next. ‘Let’s go Boots?’ ‘No, Body Shop.’ ‘Hit Body Shop after it’s dead [meaning empty].'” The girl came out of Boots “nonchalantly, as if she’d done her weekly shop at 4:30am”, he added. He described others, holding up clothes to themselves in the broken windows of H&M. “They were just so blasé about what they were doing.”
    “Tiel”, North London

    There is no way to rationalize your actions. The killing of Mark Duggan, unfortunate circumstances of low finances, the ‘race card’ – they are all lazy sparks to exploit an existing fury. It is you who has turned it into a bonfire, and it is you who has to extinguish it.

    You’re burning down our home. Those stores you loot for thousands of pounds? Those independent retailers who have their livelihood’s torched under your command? The women you are kicking off their bicycles or mugging with machetes? They are people. Born with the same genetic code as you. They are mothers, uncles, brothers, grandparents…people who are working for their living and hold no responsibility over the source of your anger.

    There are men and women in the armed forces risking their lives to protect your country every day. To be a domestic terrorist is a slap in their face. It is a slap in the face of everyone who has ever fought for the United Kingdom’s civil rights.

    You can be rich, you can be poor, you can be somewhere in between – no matter your ‘financial situation’, there will be problems: problems with the economy, problems with the government, and problems with the police. Be pro-active, not re-active. Your actions are digging us further into a hole our country is struggling to pull out of.

    You are the future of this country. You can empower yourself, your friends and your family to make a peaceful change. That pair of trainers will mean one of two things to you in six months time:
    a) A criminal arrest.
    b) Nothing.

    What will mean something real? The home you’re so inspired to tear down.

    Hotel Koh Samui
    Last week, I went to paradise.

    Though I’ve lived in Bangkok for eight months – and have done a significant amount of travelling, book writing and Thaiglish speaking in that time – I have only now visited my first Asian island.

    While Koh Samui is a breathtaking haven of sun, sand and smiles, it was actually The Library that created the paradise. This boutique hotel, an innovative and relaxing hideaway, was the perfect romantic getaway on Chaweng Beach. It had to be shared.

    Upon arriving ridiculously early, The Boyfriend and I sleep-stumbled into “The Content” – a check in space with a cozy yet minimalist design – and were welcomed with a refreshing island soda and fresh scoop of fruity sorbet. A delightful difference to the super-processed travel food we had been gnawing over the previous few hours.

    Once we stepped foot in our suite, the deal was effectively sealed. As each of their twenty-six residences aligns with their minimalist concept, we were surprised to find a space full of warmth and modernity. With a white and black palette, you can customise the mood of your room via a six-colour lightbox on the wall (we favoured the utterly tranquilizing oceanic blue), as well as many extra light and blind controls. Tres chic. Tres hooked up.

    The room also boasted:

    • A separate reading area, kitted with literature lounges and a spacious desk. Since one of The Library’s main attractions is their library, the entire hotel has countless areas for your reading pleasure. (You’ll see “The Library” shortly!)
    • The comfiest bedand pillows in existence. You are also offered a ‘pillow menu’ with everything from a boomerang to pyramid pillow.
    • An iMac. An essential alternative to your travel netbook.
    • A flat-screen tv and DVD player. A perfect way to coax your significant other into watching Moulin Rouge with you (...for example).
    • A rain shower and jacuzzi bathtub– with all the luxurious amenities and products you would need to feel utterly pampered.
    • A Lavazzacoffee maker (with complimentary coffee selections). Heaven for caffiene addicts – a true departure from the custom ‘kettle and instant coffee’ misfortune of every other hotel in Thailand.But, when visiting a beach hotel in Koh Samui, it isn’t just about the room. And God, does The Library recognise.

      Making your way through the greenery that surrounds the suites – the hotel was actually built around the trees that were already on the land – you come across an empyrean crimson-coloured pool and beach bag lounge area, all of which looks over the crystal-clear waters and beach of Koh Samui. Never crowded and always free of all non-Library tourists, it is an absolute sanctuary.

      At the perimeter of this area, you have “The Fit”, “The Page” and “The Library”.

    • The Fit“: a crisp, clean and glass-walled fitness room that overlooks the beach. Nothing brings ease to fitness like breaking sweat in front of a sunrise or sunset.
    • The Page“: 5-star food in an intimate setting. Serving 101 cocktails and a menu of Michelin star-worthy food, it can’t be missed.
    • The Library“: because the hotel’s owner observed the tourist trend of books on beaches, the hotel created a large space of literature and DVDs free for guests to ‘rent’ (many leave their own books when they check out!). Material was available in many languages and many genres. A goldmine.After our first day, we were pretty sure we weren’t going to leave. Then breakfast happened and signed our permanent lease of love. Settling into a beach bed at 8am, sand between our toes, we were acquainted with a superior three-course breakfast that left us full for hours. Breads and pastries (with potted jams and Nutella!) come with everything, though you can specify the actual ‘breakfast items’ you desire. I would reccomend: (take a breath!) a latte, a lime juice, water, fruit plate, salmon-topped scrambled eggs, asparagus, sausage, bacon, and banana pancakes. I promise you won’t be hungry until breakfast the next day.

      While Koh Samui does have a reputation for a “party-party” atmosphere – it is where many people stay for the Full Moon Party – The Library feels like a secret treasure amidst the madness. In some feat of magic, though it is located on the main road (which is wonderful to walk at night, and has Western conveniences of Starbucks, McDonalds, and the like), the moment you get past The Library’s entrance it seems to all dissapear. No sound, sight or smell of tourist dissolution whatsoever.

      On our second day, I decided to try my chances as The Little Mermaid and swim off into waters unknown. I got attacked by a crab. Without a word to the staff of the Library, I limped by bleeding leg towards the front desk for a first aid kit, only to be stopped by one of their staff who told me to wait and brought every medicine/plaster/cotton ball back I could need. Above and beyond. This is only one example of their special personal service. With a plethora of cases in relation to The Library’s attention to detail, they also left “3-1-1” bags on our bed the night before departure, as well as bookmarks and extra water throughout our stay (I inhale water).

      I urge you to cancel any other vacations. The Library is what you’ve been looking for. View Post

    Bonjour to the ladies, gents, and unidentified readers of this well-dressed internet corner.

    As those of you who follow me on Twitter are probably aware, I am moving to Bangkok (Thailand) this evening with my handsome-r half. This means there will be a short hiatus on the interwebs while we do things like pick a home and attempt to get by with a combination of English, French, German and Spanish language skills.

    To be kept in the loop be sure to add LelaLondon.com to your favourite social networking addictions:
    Facebook & Twitter

    See you in a new time zone and what I’m sure won’t be more than a few days.

    Lela London