As a travel blogger, I can often be stuck spending more time in airports than I do in air so was head-over-heels to find out that Heathrow Airport just launched “The World’s Most Connected Mirror” alongside their brand new Personal Shopping Lounge at Terminal 5.

Along with the help of your (complimentary and all rather adorable) personal shopping, the mirror allows you to connect with friends and social connections to get immediate feedback on desired purchases in real time.

I, naturally, got stuck in as soon as I could. Between sips of champagne, Vuitton-lusting, Harry Potter Store browsing, and cape-twirling in Harrods, I managed to scout the shade I had fallen in love with when trying blue lipsticks weeks beforehand, the MAC lipglass that has always reminded me of childhood, and even a massively discounted early Christmas present for myself (in the shape of a wine-coloured ostrich handbag from Kurt Geiger).

If you’re not going to indulge when it’s duty-free, when are you?

Shop My Heathrow Personal Shopping Buys Now (or wait ’til you get to the airport for the discount!)

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edinburgh fringe 5
Edinburgh Fringe . The world’s biggest festival. And we’re talking big. This year alone there were 50,266 performances of 3,269 shows in 294 venues.

I went in with next to no preparation. Dummie style, if you will.

Over four days, I laughed ’til I cried, ate ’til I hurt, and walked ’til I genuinely broke my shoes.

All of that and more in my latest labour of love: Edinburgh Fringe For Dummies, below…

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#EdFringe. Where comedy comes to live and legs come to die. ??

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sennen cornwall 1
I don’t love to do restaurant reviews in my so-called “time off”, but some opportunities are too good to ignore.

Ben Tunnicliffe is one of Cornwall’s most celebrated foodie heroes. And I was staying a short drive from his eponymous restaurant.

After his arrival in 2001, Ben immersed himself in Cornwall’s best kitchens – so much so it resulted in a Michelin star (for his work at tarting at The Abbey in Penzance) in 2003.

I booked in and spent the day leading up to the dinner hiking across Cape Cornwall and Botallack‘s seaside mining ruins to work up the appetite required for Michelin-tinted feasting.

It took seconds for me to fall in love with the restaurant.

Nestled into Sennen Cove‘s beachside, Ben Tunnicliffe is modern and elegant enough to flaunt itself as a dinner destination, yet has a very cosy, very local feel that draws crowds for casual drinking and dining. The sunlit terrace doesn’t certainly doesn’t hurt, in either respect. Naturally, we chose to have a glass of bubbly on the terrace before moving inside for dinner.

Once introduced to our charmingly and bizarrely bristly waiter, we thumbed through the menu and decided to throw all non-Cornish regard out the window; seafood was the only option.

We shared a little bit of everything – classic mariniere mussels (in white wine, garlic, parsley and cream), crab claws with tarragon aioli, a fillet of turbot (served with peas, pancetta, lettuce, mushroom & silver skin onions) that melted in the mouth, and an unbelievable scallop, crab & john dory linguine with asparagus and herbs. Each dish was a triumph in its own right, but the latter absolutely blew my pasta-indifferent mind.

Hours passed between wine menu explorations (of which there is a tremendous selection) and trips to the terrace before we found enough room to night-cap with an Eton Mess and decadent chocolate brownie (served with mixed berries and clotted cream).

Ben Tunnicliffe may be a trek from our beloved city, but I imagine I’ll become as ‘regular’ as a Londoner can be.

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the cornwall eden project
After a jaunt in St Ives with The Boy, I hopped on a short train to St Austell to spend the succeeding three days on a wonderfully nature-led retreat at The Cornwall.

From the world’s largest indoor rainforest to the world’s tastiest fudge to a chance encounter with the world’s greatest (Tom Jones), I couldn’t imagine having a better time than I did…

the cornwall eden project
the cornwall eden project

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