Four Unique Wedding Venues

Having been invited to an unusually high number of weddings in the past twelve months (ah! I’m ageing!), I am quickly learning that, for many couples, it seems that finding a truly unique place to get married is the hardest part of wedding planning. Thankfully, this means a lot of couples are thinking outside of the box and arranging for their weddings to be held in less traditional venues.

If you find yourself among those who are thinking about getting married outside of church or registry office (not the most romantic of settings, truth be told), there are many options to consider in the UK.

Four romantic and unique locations to consider for your big day:
Even if castles seem spooky and expensive, they can be a lot of fun to take over for a wedding ceremony. The typical settings and atmosphere of castles are also perfect for the reception afterwards. Around the world, some castles are privately owned and can be booked very easily on an exclusive basis. Everyone that I have known to attend a wedding in castle has described their experience as magical. It may not be for everyone, but that is certainly a term I would like my wedding day to be described as!

Country club
Country clubs have facilities that always make for great wedding celebrations, both indoors and out. If you have the budget, the ambience of a country club may be exactly what you’re looking for in a site for your nuptials. One advantage of having your wedding at a country club is that the grounds are always meticulously kept and story-book beautiful, with country club staff all extremely well-trained and accommodating for wedding parties.

Motor racetrack
A motor racetrack is an especially unique wedding venue (case in point: Silverstone) and one that is guaranteed to stand out from other wedding experiences. Although they are designed for automotive events, racetracks offer flexible spaces with modern and spacious facilities that can accommodate wedding guests. Staff at race tracks also have plenty of experience with serving large crowds, meaning you can rest easy as they cater to you and your guests’ every need.

A winery wedding makes for a fantastic experience. The pastoral landscape and history of most vineyards provides a perfect backdrop for exquisite, scenic wedding photos. Like all other chic venues, it is key to make arrangements at the winery of your choice at least a few months in advance. Spending time with your loved ones among the vines will make for an idyllic wedding.

What is the best wedding venue you’ve heard of?

What I Wore – Love on Top

love on top
The Manfriend and I rarely take photos together, but as a snapper-of-everything it is one of my favourite things to annoy him with. Taking advantage of the ongoing romanticism of his proposal, I enticed him with puppies and wrangled him into stepping in front of the lens for five minutes or less. This is the result.*

What I Wore:
Scallop-hemmed lace dress and white blazer (both from H&M) and hand-made heels. I would ask him what he wore, but my ignorance generally keeps the relationship happy.

*How lucky am I?

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National Wedding Show

national wedding show
Because my significant(ly handsome) other decided to put a ring on it last month, my attendance at the National Wedding Show over the weekend was definitely a mix of business and pleasure. And intrigue. And lots of chocolate.

Held at London’s Earls Court from the 28th-30th September, The National Wedding Show was a jam-packed exhibition wishing to cater to each and every bridal dream. The Designer Area and Catwalk Shows were, personally, my call to arms.

With eyes a-popping for every Jenny Packham dress that came down the runway, I felt that the catwalk experience was a complete breath of fresh air after the insanity of London Fashion Week. Running for approximately twenty minutes, the production of the show was at a high theatrical standard and catered to wedding party ideas, international/beach weddings, full thematics, mother-of-the-bride suggestions, and everything in between. As every model walked the runway, the digital screen behind her would tell you the designer and location of the retailer/designer in the exhibition for easy access to try on your favourite picks. If only shopping was always as experiential!

After the show, I did a little browsing and ending up at ‘The Wedding Theatre‘ which was hosting bridal coaching sessions with professional fashionista Michele Paradise and flower expert Mathew Dickinson as well as a seminar from the guys at Rock My Wedding who were teaching a gaggle of future brides how to personalise their special day on a budget.

Being that we won’t be planning our wedding for at least one year, I felt that a woman or man actively planning their nuptials would take much more from the experience – on discounts alone – but that it was an inspiring way to spend the day (especially in the specialised Vintage Area).

(The show will be taking over the Birmingham NEC from the 5th-7th of October so I suggest all Brummie babes and Brides-to-Be take a look!)

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