Travel Blog: 24 hours in Milan

travel blog milan
As weird and wonderful travel opportunities go, being invited to Milan by Ford has topped the current selection.

After sharing my love for the Zetec S, the automotive geniuses asked me to join them in Italy to enjoy both the city and my first time at Salone del Mobile.

To this, you don’t say no.

After an early flight from Heathrow to Linate, a handful of wonderful journos and I pulled up at the stunning Westin Palace Milano, made fast friends, checked in, then headed a few streets away for a refuel at La Cadrega.

The Prosecco and salad version of refueling, that is.

With one hour to empty the day’s inbox and cleanse the plane away, we jumped in a Ford (natch) and moved to the Palazzo Reale for a sneak preview of the biggest Leonardo Da Vinci art exhibition ever organised.

Continually pinching myself, we sashayed past the Duomo and into the former royal palace. Though photos were strictly forbidden, I pranced through the space – all 7,000 square metres of it – filling my mental scrapbook to the brim. There were pieces from Her Majesty’s private collection, the Uffizi in Florence, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Louvre in Paris, and many more : St. John the Baptist, the Annunciation, La Belle Ferronnière…even the Vitruvian Man.

With minds officially blown, we headed to our final stop – Ford’s interactive design installation, “FAVILLA, To Every Light a Voice”, which will live in Piazza San Fedele for the entire duration of Salonde del Mobile.

Take a close look in the video, below, and stay tuned to the blog for more Milanese adventures.

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travel blog milan
travel blog milan
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Travel Blog: The 2015 Bucket List

Travel Bucket List
I am a list maker by nature but very few members of my list inventory are as long as the Travel Bucket list.

In fact, with every travel blog I visit that list becomes a little more overwhelming to look at. The action plan? Attacking different levels of the bucket list year by year.

The 2015 Travel Bucket List

1. The West Coast of America
Though half of my childhood was spent in the U.S., I have barely popped the lid off the West Coast. New York to Florida? I’m an old pro. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and co? I couldn’t even recommend you guys a ‘best burger in …’.

2. The Northern Lights
I’ve gotten into a terrible habit with this one. Every year, I see someone have a magical time experiencing the Northern Lights a good two to three months after their visibility works in tourist’s favours. I’m desperate to see the Arctic Circle, reindeer camps, husky rides and all that relates.

3. A Private Island
This one is a bit of a stretch, but hear me out: after some solid research at the beginning of the year, I found a private island that would have cost ten friends and I only £10 a day to live on.

I missed the deadline for a New Years’ excursion. The plan is to find another.

What is your 2015 travel bucket list?

What I Wore – Big Skirt, Little Egg

big skirt
When I bought the majority of this outfit from a little boutique in Bangkok, there was no conscious intention or planned ‘look’.

When I wore this outfit last Sunday, it accidentally became my Easter Egg ‘look’ (with a new nickname – “Little Egg” – to add to the forever-expanding roster). C’est la vie.

What I Wore:
Big polka-dot skirt (similar here)
White crop top (similar here)
White Converse All Stars with sequins!

big skirt
big skirt

In Review: Busaba Eathai Shoreditch, London

busaba eathai
Since coming back from Thailand, I feel like I have lost my left arm. Or left stomach. Or my right stomach.

No food cuts it like Thai food. Thankfully, Busaba Eathai exists. And so does their new Kinnaree Bar.

Pushing through a painful two weeks since our last Thai meal, The Manfriend and I hightailed our empty stomachs to Busaba’s flagship restaurant in Shoreditch for an evening of spicy indulgence.

Sitting down at one of their traditionally communal tables, we ended up ordering so much food that the seats either side of us were sacrificed as plate space.

After taking a few sips of our respective martinis (mine – the Lychee and kaffir lime martini, jasmine and kaffir lime infused vodka with lychee and lemon – was a sour yet floral delight), our dishes arrive like a hurricane.

Forgoing solo dishes for a spread to share, we kicked things off with fish cakes (with cucumber and peanut relish) and chicken satay with peanut sauce before meandering over to the larger plates: Sen Chan Pad Thai (rice noodle, king prawn, peanut, egg, green mango, and crabmeat), chilli prawn fried rice ( with shiitake mushroom, lime, and pickled morning glory), and Songkhla red curry

The latter – a dish which I had never tried before – was actually the surprise highlight; an aromatic concoction of slow-cooked beef, cherry tomato, banana pepper, and a perfect blend of sweet/salty/sour. My ultimate recommendation.

We did go down the spicy rote – especially with the addition of my beloved som tam (green papaya salad with dried shrimp, peanut, cherry tomato, and lime) – but I am pleased to report a plethora of happy faces from the sea of ‘no spice!’ customers seated around us.

In Thailand, they wouldn’t be so lucky.

Amazingly, we managed to eat ourselves silly and drink ourselves to almost believe we could clear our plates for less than £100, all in. It may not match up to home country pricing, but Busaba is the cheapest, freshest, and tastiest feast you’re going to find West of Thailand.

busaba eathai
busaba eathai
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