Decorating with Love (Inkifi, In Review)

A single glance at my beloved SLR will reveal all: I love photography. I knacker every photo-taking device I can get my hands on out, then spend hours oogling over every uneaten food snap and hasty image of a beautiful stranger.

But I hate photo frames.

While I think the idea of surrounding yourself with photos of memories you’ve made and people you love is fantastic, the reality often turns into a haphazard arrangement of bargain frames, awkward print sizes, and ‘gifts’ that you have to place around your home when the gift-giver is scheduled to come over.

I love uniformity, therefore, I love Inkifi. As a business model, they have been set up to help you print Instagram photos, but actually go much further than that. From typical square prints, to vintage prints, to photo books and acrylic prisms – they have a variety of tools to turn your Instagrams into something you actually want to decorate your home with.

I went for magnets as our ‘wood and gray’ kitchen is the fugly bane of my rental existence. Eighteen 2×2 inch snapshots of love and laughter in The Manfriend and I’s life so far. It is a source of constant happiness and gratitude.

(Please go support their business so I will be able to order more organised magnets in future. Thank you.)

Travel Blog: Welcome to Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca

puerto pollensa
Welcome to Puerto Pollensa! Or, at least, the week in Puerto Pollensa that I just – begrudgingly – returned home from.

Though it was planned months in advance, this holiday kind of crept up on The Manfriend and I. Planned for his beautiful mother’s 50th birthday (which she happens to share with him!), it seemed like the blink of an eye between mountains of spreadsheets and client meetings to the sandy beaches of Mallorca.

Even our villa was a surprise. Though we were sold by a few grainy images of the private pool, the real-life beauty of the property beat all of our expectations. It was inherently Spanish in design, yet surrounded by luscious greenery, palm trees, and serene nothingness (…apart from a chicken farm, which proved to have a few hilarious escapees).

Spending our first evening on the lookout for some fresh seafood and a jug of Sangria (don’t worry, an all-inclusive Mallorca food blog is scheduled soon!), we returned to the port many times over the week. As far as tourist destinations go, it is relatively untouched by the Balearic buzz of island relatives (ie Magaluf). The perfect little excursion spot between new Mulberry handbags, surprise birthday cakes, sun, sea, and a whole lot of adventure.

But more on that later…

puerto pollensa 15
puerto pollensa 25
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Travel Blog: The Hard Rock Hotel, Ibiza

The Vengaboys were my first and only experience of Ibiza. From an early age I’ve considered Ibiza to be the holiday destination for hardcore party people, and I’m about as hardcore as a Wellington boot. where

This punk-punctuated promo video of smiling faces, live music, dreamy spas, and food that could make a woman lick a computer screen (we all watch videos in different ways, eh?) may have just changed my mind.

Fresh off a holiday in Mallorca, the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza got in touch to see if I would be interested in helping them promote their first European Hard Rock Hotel. As timing goes, they couldn’t have done much better; I managed to have an amazing and rather charming time on an island famed for ‘Sun, Sex, and Suspicious Parents’ (shout out to Magaluf). The Hard Rock Ibiza was bound to be more than all-nighters, bargain shots, and dancing with strangers, too.

The Hard Rock Hotel is luxury Ibiza and – as the name suggests – a base fit for a rockstar vacation. Situated beachside of the Playa d’en Bossa, the hotel has welcomed the likes of UB40, Robin Thicke, and legendary DJ duo to entertain the hotel’s patrons, with appearances from Icona Pop, Jason Derulo, Ellie Goulding, Snoop Dogg, Kylie Minogue, and Placebo scheduled throughout the summer.

If anything was ever going to get me to Ibiza, this hotel was it.

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Interior Design: Habitat Recycled

habitat recycled baskets 1
Another day, another peek into the ongoing labour of love that is ‘Casa de Lela London’. Today provides your first look into my closet-slash-office and this beautiful set of two ‘Cohen’ oval recycled magazine storage baskets from Habitat.

Though I had no idea how I wanted to decorate my closet/office (cloffice? I really need to think up a word for it!) when I found these eco-friendly interior gems, I knew I wanted them to house the useless bits and bobs that so easily get scattered around bathrooms and vanity areas. Thank goodness I’m not doing things monochrome, eh?

They’re handmade, lightweight, and have turned into one of the focal pieces of the room. (Wait until you see more!)

habitat recycled baskets 2

habitat recycled baskets 3