In every blogger’s life there comes a moment where you recommend something so much in your daily life, a blog almost writes itself. Case in point: Farmdrop.

In their own words, they are “on a mission to fix the food chain”. In mine, they deliver the most ethical, responsibly-sourced and – most importantly – delicious food straight to your door.

While most people are aware their supermarket food purchases do little for the farmers providing the produce (let alone the environment or our bodies), very little has come along to revolutionise our food shopping until Farmdrop. Unlike massive chains, the online grocery store (or sorts) leave their farmers and foodmakers with 70-75% of the retail price for their hard work by cutting out the middle-man. This means the process is not only better, but faster – leaving you with ingredients five times fresher than supermarkets.

By supporting local producers and their sustainable values, a shop with Farmdrop (zero emission electric vans, reusable thermal packaging, et al) offers you the smartest and healthiest shop available.

Bar perhaps owning expansive dairy, meat, and veg farms of your own.

While this is not a paid endorsement (, I did contact Farmdrop to let them know I wanted to spread the love and they’ve very kindly offered you all a discount code – REVOLUTIONLELA – which gives you a massive £20 off a £40+ shop (the code is only valid until the 12th of May so be sure to use it asap)!

Don’t forget to let me know what you think and what you order – I’ve included my most recent shop, below, for inspiration!

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silk suede outfit post
The dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum are some of my oldest friends.

Having not seen them in a few years, I threw on my Monday best (an impossibly easy and tactile combination of pyjama silk, soft faux suede and vintage leather) to say hello before an evening of work events.

My friends were, naturally, impressed as ever.

What I Wore:
Silk GANT Rugger PJ shirt from GANT
Ava lazer-cut suedette zip-front skirt from Boohoo
Weekender watch from Timex
Socks from Monki (similar here)
Vintage leather boots (similar here)
Handbag from Kenneth Cole

silk suede outfit post
silk suede outfit post

puerto vallarta food tour 1
There is no better way to kick off my blog adventures in Mexico than the incredible Vallarta Food Tours experience.

Mex-ology (the Tequila, Tacos and Mexican Cocktails Tour) is, without a doubt, one of the best experiences I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying as a travel blogger. Though a three hour walking tour might intimidate some, the Mex-ology group is kept to a maximum of six people and is paced wonderfully through the beautiful streets of downtown Vallarta by the tour guide – Lobo (Wolf, in Spanish) – a gentleman, scholar, and cherry on top of a faultless afternoon.

We discovered hidden gems and local favourites including Vallarta’s first microbrewery, a taco stand that has been churning out the city’s best carne asada for 45 years, Elizabeth Taylor’s favourite beach-side restaurant in the Sixties, and much more – all featured in the video, below!

Locations featured in the video:
– Joe Jack’s Fish Shack
– Los Muertos Brewery
– La Playa
– El Cuñado Taco Stand
– Maia Restaurant
– La Palapa

What I Wore:
Backless pink dress (vintage – similar here)
Teva sandals (I don’t actually think I wore a different shoe for the entire week I was there)

drink pour
puerto vallarta food tour 3
puerto vallarta food tour 4

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mermaid hair
As the red toner faded from my most recent hair experiment, I couldn’t get the idea of My Little Pony Hair out of my head. With a bleached mane and the availability of hair God Jason Collier in my favour, I booked in at Smooth You.

As silver is the most ‘unnatural’ colour I have subjected my hair to, I knew I couldn’t be in safer or more talented hands than that of a man trusted with the manes of Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller, Eva Longoria and more.

With Smoothie – the salon’s gorgeous resident Maltipoo – on my lap, a flooded inbox on my phone, and a night’s mask of argan oil on my locks, the process began. A two-hour dance of root maintenance, bleach bath and rinse before separately-ombred sections of pastel pink, baby blue, and silver.

As you can see, the result was utter My Little Pony Hair perfection. Beautifully muted and expertly blended creative colour with very little – if any – damage to the condition of my curls.

I have never felt more like myself.

before and after mermaid hair

Before and After

Maltipoo gif

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gaucho film club
By their very nature, Londoners rarely finds themselves with ‘nothing to do’. In fact, we’re spoilt for choice. So spoilt we sometimes find ourselves happier to do nothing than make a choice.

I’m here to make that choic for you: go to the Gaucho Film Club.

My first visit was for last Saturday’s screening of The Great Gatsby. The Film Club, you see, is designed to completely immerse you in your cinematic experience by bringing everything that is happening on screen to your glass or plate.

Nestled in the appropriate glamour of Gaucho Charlotte Street’s underground chambers, guests joined Nick, Daisy, and Gatsby for a whirlwind 1920s adventure: mint juleps, a rib-eye with mash potatoes & French beans for their Long Island dinner party, martinis, tea & cupcakes for the infamous afternoon tea arrangement, Chandon & party canapes (salmon mousse, deviled eggs and stuffed mushrooms) as party poppers burst over our heads, and whisky to send us to the credits.

It is a perfect marriage of film and food. One I will be happy to return to for Chef on the 7th of May (think of the cuban sandwich potential!) and Reservoir Dogs on the 18th of June (after all, there is no better diner scene in cinematic history).

No more Netflix and Chill, my lovely Londoner. No more.

gaucho film club
gaucho film club
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