dstrkt london
Dstrkt is my favourite club in London. And I’m not traditionally a ‘clubbing’ kind of woman. Dstrkt simply hits the nail on the head; perfect location (a side street in Piccadilly Circus), a luxurious and comfortable setting (not too big but big enough to dance in), great music, frequent celebrity sightings (Kim K turned up the night after I did) and now…a delicious food menu. I didn’t actually realize the club had an adjoining restaurant until last month (only five years later, ahem) so was excited to put the kitchen through its paces.

​Taking a slightly different underground route to the restaurant instead of the lounge, my foodie accomplice and I settled into a table by the open kitchen at the bottom of the room’s beautiful split-level interiors.

Though they open to cater to pre-theatre crowds, the restaurant feels destined to that of celebratory meals, to me. A bit more style over substance than you’d hope for at the pricepoint, but we enjoyed a delicious Asian-European selection of spring rolls, crispy squid, sushi rolls, chicken satay, truffled ravioli, and cheesecake before segue-ing into the lounge at 11pm.

Some pretty special dance fuel, if you ask me.

dstrkt london
dstrkt london
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Having recently returned from a trip to Antwerp with P&O, I was surprised to receive as many questions about my route – the overnight ferry from Hull to Rotterdam – as the location itself.

While you will get a lot of experiential answers to your questions from the vlog above, I wanted to cover a few of the last week’s most frequently asked P&O questions before walking you through my adventures in Antwerp (no sweat – that blog is coming very shortly hereafter!)…

What is it like on a P&O ferry?

The Cabins

On our way there and back, we had club cabins at the back corners of the boat. The club cabins, and as far as the map suggested, are the biggest on the ship and were truly nicer than the hotel we stayed in once we arrived in Antwerp. The rooms featured two twin beds, a desk, sofa, television, bathroom, and shower room as well as tea & coffee facilities, a complimentary non-alcoholic mini bar, Clarins toiletries, robes, towels, and a voucher to collect two complimentary glasses of champagne at the bar.

I found it incredibly easy to sleep in the beds and actually felt so comfortable in the room on our return leg that we spent most of the evening there!

The Food

There are two main options for meals on the boat: The Brasserie and The Kitchen. As I don’t really enjoy buffets, we opted for the a la carte option – The Brasserie – on our trip to Rotterdam and enjoyed a bottle of Rioja over a baked baby Camembert (with mini baguettes and caramelised red onion chutney) and lamb shank (served with creamy mash and a selection of seasonal vegetables) before tucking in for the night.

There are on-board deals available that reduce the cost of The Kitchen’s all you can eat options for dinner and breakfast, but I would sincerely suggest just opting for what you fancy from the a la carte. By the time the ferry docks, it’s unlikely you’ll need a huge breakfast.

The Experience

I took two very different approaches. On the way there, we got the most out of the experience by dining in The Brasserie, shopping (you can get up to 40% off RRP & no liquid restrictions!), drinking, and enjoying some live music.

On the way back, we were so tired we simply got our glass of complimentary champagne in the bar, a sandwich from the Starbucks-brewing cafe and went back to our cabin to work and unwind (which, for me, is still work).

I loved that there wasn’t a “one size fits all” option and that you can literally wake up at your destination.

How easy is it to get to Antwerp from Rotterdam?

Relatively easy! We took the P&O-supported coach to Rotterdam’s very beautiful and facility-heavy train station (a 45 minute journey from the port) and it is then only about one hour on the train to the center of Antwerp.

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m&s outfit.
M&S‘ brand new Start With campaign is a thing of genius; instead of letting their chosen style influencers pick out their favourite items from their new collection, they have sent each influencer a secret box with a secret item to ‘start with’ as they style three different looks.

Phase One has just launched with some vlogging beauties (check those familiar faces, above!) but I am pleased to report I have been given the green light to preview you on Phase Two – featuring me!

If Percy Pigs and a monogrammed candle weren’t enough, my ‘Start With’ box also contained their new super chic high-necked striped shift dress with side slits; an intimidating (long dresses on five-foot-tall women can be a nightmare!) but beautiful and modern piece to style.

For Outfit One, I thought I’d go completely out of my high-heeled, mini-dressed comfort zone and pair the dress with a pair of Sam Edelman Rosie lace-up flats.

See the rest of my looks, below!

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I don’t do sleek hair. My hair – much like my personality – is a cacophony of wildness that plays to the beat of its own drum.

I was a tad nervous when Rush and Redken asked if I wanted to create a salon versus home-styling tutorial for their lovely NYC Fashion Week Style Kit. Even more so when their pro gave my the best blow-dry of my life (it lasted for five days of international travel!).

You can watch the beauty (and anxiety!) unfold in our respective videos – enjoy!

polo bar london
In the timeliest of fashion, one of my favourite ladies returned from a long trip to Sri Lanka just in time to turn another year older.

Naturally, we needed something sincerely special to cheers with.

We decided to celebrate the Polo Bar at The Westbury; an elegant and atmospheric bar in the centre of Mayfair.

The prices are, as you would expect, wallet-trembling but justified. The staff are incredibly knowledgable and warm, the art deco-inspired interiors are universally impressive, and the ‘bar food’ is anything but. Over a few hours of laughter, storytelling, and potentially offensive jokes, we made our way through a taster of commendable cocktails and nibbles; London smoked salmon cones (with crème fraiche, Aquitaine caviar and chives), panko-crusted prawns (with sweet chilli dip), free-range buttermilk chicken, ash-flavoured broad bean and Fontina tartlets (with peas and mint), et al.

Uniquely, every cocktail ordered came with a smaller glass of one another’s, meaning we didn’t miss a sip; The Pearl Gem (Tanqueray Ten gin infused with Blend 68 tea – shaken with lychee, lime and sugar – and Champagne & pineapple foam) and Fig Julep (Chivas 12 whisky infused with figs, lemon, mint and Mozart chocolate bitters) were particular highlights.

A treat by any definition.

polo bar london
polo bar london 2
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