Crystal Out The Kinks

Oceanic Massage
I have a plethora of neck and back problems. I’m talking constant discomfort for the last ten years or so after overworking myself in dance training. Since physiotherapy used to push me to tears, I stopped going after a few months and no improvement. An indulgent person by nature, I have no idea why it hadn’t occurred to me to combine a little luxury with the treatment of my issues. As of yesterday, I have never regretted a decision less thanks to Deirdre Gough’s Oceanic Massage.

I may soon decide to visit Deirdre for a living. I have never experienced such a transcendent treatment. For one and a half hours, the techniques of Lomi Lomi, Thai, and Tachyon crystal massage (to name a few) were extended to me. Even the massage gel she used was sensuous; a blend of Kukui nut oil, almond, apricot, sesame, Canadian canola oil, and vitamin E. An enticing elixir as opposed to the typical masseuse gunk that likes to latch onto your garments for hours afterwards.

Feeling peaceful and rejuvenated – but painless – you end the treatment harmonized and on a natural high. In my personal case, Deidre confirmed my problem areas and gave specific advice to help me beat the pain and build up of energy-draining lactic acid in my muscles. I’m positive she is a superhero healer. She’s Mrs. Fantastic.

Gisele’s Baby Dissapears

Gisele Bundchen Vogue Nippon January 2011
Not to alarm you, but I believe Vogue Nippon have stolen Gisele Bundchen‘s leftover baby weight for their January cover. When you’re the highest paid model in the world and the sixteenth richest woman in the entertainment world, it seems your body is definitely your paycheck. Loving this cover.

Guess Who?

Guess Fall Winter 2010 Campaign
Guess campaigns were my first fashion tradition. While the clothes have never been the avant garde specialties I naturally head for, the models – like this season’s Silviu Tolu, Alyssa Miller, and Elsa Hosk – rarely dissapoint. Famed fashion and celebrity photographer Ellen Von Unwerth brings the Guess Fall/Winter campaign alive by infusing her signature style. Continue reading