Badgley Mischka SS12
Mark Badgley and James Mischka would have to try pretty hard to let me down, and it seems they are only getting better. The structural side of things (brocade, shantung, linen, etc) played against their typical use of chiffon and jersey, while the garments were punctuated with bright lemon hues down to pomegranate and marigold.

I hate to say it in the palava that Galliano has put himself in, but there were definite flairs of recent-day Dior Haute Couture (if it were ever on a tighter budget, of course). If you wanted a sense of the show itself, I reccomend the track “Add Ends” by When Saints Go Machine, from the Spring/Summer 2012 soundtrack. Like Candyland on some classy medication. View Post

Justin Timberlake Amanda Seyfried
I can’t be the only one who looked at the image before the text, right? I mean…I am positive that the Calvin Klein-wearing woman on W Magazine’s October 2011 cover is Mila Kunis. According to the accompanying text, this is simply a case of “Photoshop Strikes Again“, as the hands that grasp Timberlake (or “Lake”, as you’ll late seer) belong to Amanda Seyfried.

The duo’s editorial portion of the October issue features ‘President‘ Justin Timberlake with First Lady/“The Other Woman” Amanda Seyfried with full-on political prowess. The shoot was lensed by Michael Thompson and styled by Edward Enninful. View Post

Jen Kao SS12
Though Jen Kao didn’t continue on last year’s outer galaxy theme for her Spring/Summer 2012 collection (a little bit of nonsensical disappointment here!), she more than made up for it by crashing back to Earth and expressing her vision through the flora and fauna of the Hawaiian islands.

The start of the show was carefully constructed; a model stepped out onto the runway with a sweetly-hued beachfront sunrise behind her and a paper art fascinator atop her. A sun ray orb – which was projected onto her chest – quickly grew and grew into full-on ‘daylight’ to welcome you to a pastel-packed and lucidly layered collection. Don’t let the Hawaiian theme fool you, however. Kao showed off her creative flair with fine checkerboard knits, obi belts, fringe, embroidered lei flowers, capes and much more. There was an Edward Scissorhands effect to many of her garments – in the most chic way possible – and an ombré kimono trench in rip-stop fabric that exquisitely explained her Leonardo DiCaprio inspiration (Baz Luhrmann’s sunset scene in Romeo + Juliet, hello). Creative turn-on, that Jen Kao. View Post

Thakoon SS12
Mix a little bit of “The Devil Wears Prada” with a whole lot of “Wild Wild West“, sprinkles of Bollywood, a dash of technicolour, and you get the perfect Spring/Summer 2012 Thakoontini.

The excellent oddball Western aesthetic had nothing “hick” about it. With metallic finishes, cornflower blues, and Indian motifs, Thakoon Panichgul has created a stylist‘s multi-tiered dream. After his Fall/Winter 2011 collection mixed Versailles rococo with Kenya’s Masai tribe, the Thai designer seems to have found his niche in cross-cultural expression. The best thing about this creative continuity is that he has pulled off something wild without forgetting the “special little dresses” that brought his talent to light. It was a fabulously fearless and engaging showing. View Post

Missoni For Target

  • Target’s little pitbull is the closest thing you’re going to get to the Missoni x Target collaboration, for now. Since the collection was set to go live online, the overwhelming traffic has crashed the site. You naughty fashionistas broke Target. Apparently, the retail stores have suffered a similar frenzy.

  • Gawker published a pretty brilliant article on the crimes of toe shoes. Vibram Five Fingers for Fashion Week, anyone?

  • Avril Lavigne‘s Abbey Dawn show for Spring/Summer 2012 (…keeping my opinions to myself) had a primarily reality-centered front row. Since Avril recruited Kylie Jenner (younger than CFDA regulations are OK with, half-sister of Lavigne’s boyfriend Brody Jenner) to model in her show, many members of the Jenner/Kardashian “Klan” turned up. Cheering at Kylie-focused moments were Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, half-sister Kendall Jenner, Brody Jenner, and Kim’s new husband Kris Humphries.

  • Swatch has terminated its partnership with Tiffany & Co (?!). They felt that Tiffany’s made “systematic efforts to block and delay the development of the business.” Swatch will also be requesting compensation for the loss of future business.

  • Ralph Lauren has named a new European president; former deputy chairman at the fabulous Giorgio Armani, John Hooks.

  • Kanye West will show a Spring/Summer 2012 womenswear collection in Paris at 9:30pm on October 1, directly after Jean Paul Gauliter and Loewe. This news piece is not yet officially announced, but the rumour comes from Harper’s Bazaar Australia’s fashion editor Christine Centenera, who has been traveling to Paris twice monthly and consulting with Kanye on his clothing line since March.