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I have spent a number of my London Years hot-footing it through Victoria with little time spent getting to know the area itself.

I mean, I know the station better than I know members of my own family: I know the platforms which take you to South London the fastest, the right time to strike for the freshest bagels, and my favourite seat in every coffee shop within a mile, but I could never claim to know Victoria. Not until I spent the weekend there.

You all know I love a staycation (or, if you’re new here, hello and you do now!). Playing tourist in your own city is not only a schedule-conscious way to “get away” but a real opportunity to practice gratitude…

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Over the next two months I will not only endure my first bike race but my first 5k. Naturally, I’m spending much more time working out – running, hot yoga-ing, dancing, and everything in between-ing.

But while I love a good post-workout walk to stretch everything out, I don’t love wearing gym clothes ‘out and about’. These pieces have been my style-conscious happy medium: incredibly comfortable but cute enough to pull off a warm down through Kensington Gardens. So much so I’ve allowed myself an outfit post at my most dishevelled.

What I Wore:
Hoodie, leggings and shoes – all Converse from JD Sports
Handbag from Kenneth Cole

converse fashion blog
converse fashion blog

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Long-time blog followers will be pretty familiar with my love for Camden Market. A visit is a weekly – if not more frequent – eventually and one I never tire of. Having recently started looking for a coworking space, nay, the right coworking space, Camden Interchange was my logical first stop.

The new ‘Triangle’ space is part of the rapidly expanding Interchange portfolio and contains small offices for start-ups as well as a stunning coworking space with panoramic views of London Town. My proximity to Camden also means the space is just a morning run away (Interchange fit fam-friendly lockers and shower facilities).

My first day in the space featured a decadent lunch meeting at Gilgamesh (dangerously connected to the coworking space), a solid nine hours of productivity, and an end of day visit to Wines of Argentina’s pop-up event celebrating Malbec World Day.

If you’re a fellow foodie, Interchange might be the best and worst thing to ever happen to you.

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camden interchange london blog
camden interchange london blog
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On most travellers’ bucket lists, you will find a destination that seems displaced from the rest. Mine was Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. It was Puerto Vallarta for over ten years. While my bucket list has been built on emphatic reasoning, Puerto Vallarta found its way to the top on little more than The Night of the Iguana and a few temperamental years studying Spanish (or, more realistically, watching the soap opera Destinos in Spanish class).

Last month, I finally made it to the Bahía de Banderas.

The Puerto Vallarta food tour may have been my personal highlight, but it was running against some fierce competition…

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108 brasserie london
I have found it difficult to refuse 108 Brasserie‘s aesthetic intrigue, passing the restaurant at least once a week since it opened. I have spent paltry pockets of time people-watching through the windows and appreciating the sun-soaked smiles, burgundy lounges, and modest chandeliers behind the glass.

I finally crossed the border in schedule-friendly favour of the Dish of The Month – Executive Chef Russell Ford’s monthly carousel of modern British specials. This month, it is his new Yorkshire Rhubarb and Custard dessert…

…but we’ll get to that.

Our first priority was a glass of Perrier-Jouët chased with their glutton-provoking homemade soda bread and Guinness brown bread (genuinely so moreish I could have had a few more servings and called it a dinner).

Refraining from carb-laden penitence, we moved on to two faultless mains – seared Isle of Skye scallops (served with spiced lentils & coriander) and Merrifield Farm free-range duck (set atop a bed of five-spiced radicchio, endive & honey). Dishes so well-arranged and flavourful that my soda bread slight became a distant memory.

Having never found ourselves fond of rhubarb, my dinner date and I then chanced our final requests with the ‘Yorkshire Rhubarb and Custard’ – a creative construction of each ingredient – jellies, pastries, crisps, et al. The expert execution couldn’t make a rhubarb fan out of us, but the experiment was relatively doomed from its inception (does anyone else find rhubarb always tastes like sour celery?!).

Until the next Dish of The Month!

108 brasserie london
108 brasserie london
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