T London

t london darjeeling diffuser
As a major advocate of British-born brands, I couldn’t let another blog go by without mentioning T London.

Though they are primarily a bath and body brand, they are running laps around their high-street competitors. Inspired by tea (Ango-tastic) and the delicacy of its subtle and reviving aromas, their products are formulated with the finest botanicals and essential oils; sweet orange, lemongrass, Kerala nutmeg, and lemon.

All coming together to create T London’s signature ‘Darjeeling’ scent, the brand’s Darjeeeling reed diffuser has truly been the best addition to my home this year (barring puppies). Coming in both 500ml and 100ml bottles, the glass diffusers make a beautiful – and comfortingly fragrant – statement in any home.

Free Spotify Playlist – January 2015: Party Hardy

free spotify party playlist
This month’s free Spotify playlist is intended to be a holy grail resource for party hosts and music lovers alike. Unlike my typical hour-long playlists, this behemoth 100-plus song release taps out at five hours and fifty minutes.

Mixing mash-ups, lyrical genius, rock, rap, sixties jams, and a number of the sickest chart-toppers released in the last decade, this has become one of my all-time favourite compilations. Enjoy!

(Need to catch up on last month’s? Click here for December’s free Spotify playlist.)


(Download Spotify here. It’s free!)

Track listing:
I’d give it to you, but I think you’ll have more fun putting your faith in the play button.

In Review: No 11 Pimlico Road, London

no 11 pimlico road
I wish I had discovered No 11 Pimlico Road earlier.

When I first moved back to London as an adult, I saw a lot of the 170’s bus route between Victoria and Clapham, but never noticed the gorgeous interiors of No 11 Pimlico Road, let alone the food menu. Years – and an intense passion for restaurants – later, I was invited for brunch and it turned into a blog. This blog.

No 11 is a diamond in the not-so-rough. The clientele are noticeably diverse (yet always smiling), the atmosphere is lively (yet, somehow, quite homely), and everything of the menu is divine (no yets). From the arrival of my Bloody Mary – Ketel One Citroen vodka & fresh tomato juice served with their house spice mix – I knew I would be a return customer. Even my dining partner’s homemade pink grapefruit and ginger lemonade could be bothered to be made with an in-house lemon sherbet. The charm is all in the details.

Details like a deconstructed club sandwich packed with noticeably high-quality ingredients; succulent grilled marinated chicken, smoked bacon, avocado, roasted tomatoes, fresh basil and basil mayonnaise on sourdough toast. Details like a generous truffled macaroni cheese side that oozed with fragrant truffle and cheese. Details like ‘prawn salad’ that crunches through a bed of chilli mayo salad, avocado, and Monster Prawns…

…maybe its time to move back to Clapham.

no 11 pimlico road

no 11 pimlico road
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Inner Strength you can buy (thank you, Aromatherapy Associates)

aromatherapy associates inner strength
Strength is a funny concept. Physically, sure, strength is fairly quantifiable, but emotionally? It’s all one big mix of empowering quotes, life experience, and very unquantifiable behaviours.

After offering emotional strength via massage, Aromatherapy Associates became my new best friend.

The boutique’s new ‘Inner Strength Massage’ has been dreamed up specifically to help anyone under extreme stress press the reset button on body and mind. After six months of spontaneous near-blindness and multiple surgeries, it sounded like utter euphoria.

Following the success of their Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil (which Geraldine Howard first blended for her own use when going through a challenging health issue), the core of the treatment focuses on the oil’s powerful therapeutics; uplifting clary sage, frankincense to help focus the mind and calm the thoughts, cardamom and rosemary to help fortify physical strength, rose and vertivert to heal, and geranium to balance emotions and stimulate circulation.

Though the treatment unfolds in multiple steps, each is as considered and comforting as the one before it. Kicking off with a frankincense inhalation and foot cleanse with heated mitts, a choreographed sequence of nourishing oils and paraffin wax is applied to the hands and feet to follow – a dance that magically draws all stress from the body.

After the oil is massaged over the back and legs, more wax is used across the back and legs. As each application cools, the effect it has on your entire being is surprising; a confusing and exciting tranquility.

Moving on to the face and scalp, the treatment then introduces a nurturing and fragrant facial (and a few hot stones), meaning – the full ninety minutes later – you exit the treatment room not only feeling lighter and happier, but looking ten years younger.

Inner Strength? Who knows. But it makes me feel like a certain Pharrel Williams megahit and I’d go back every week if I could.

aromatherapy associates inner strength