Christophe Decarnin is the brains behind Balmain. Oh my, what big brains he has.

In a little less than two seasons, Decarnin managed to take the label from the sartorial backburner and turn it into one of the most replicated brands in the high street today. How? A far cry from the delicate pieces worn by Sophia Loren and Ava Gardner when Balmain was emerging, Christophe has managed to keep the quality and inject it with a universal, edgy and polished style that even Mr. Oscar de la Renta couldn’t achieve in his 8 years designing for the label.

As A/W 2010 took a more feminine turn, his ultra-flattering collections will be sure to continue to change our wardrobe staples in the seasons to come.

fashion london trafalgar square

Jumpsuit from Neurotica

fashion london trafalgar square

Comfy A/W sweater from Neurotica combined with earrings from the Rio collection, and a Molecule piece - both from Lua Lua

fashion london trafalgar square

Neurotica lightweight cardigan and bodycon dress

fashion london trafalgar square

Perfection in Dress form from Neurotica

fashion london trafalgar square

Neurotica dress & Lua Lua's Tutti Frutti

Big thanks to Neurotica and Lua Lua for sharing these beautiful pieces, as well as the lovely photographer Rebecca Heijkoop.
Shot in Trafalgar Square with a brief cameo by the Elephants.

Fuh-gedabowt the movie – let’s talk threads.

Twilight’s (Blood) Red Carpet

hot mess makeup heat protection proofAs stunning as it is to have a face full of runaway, wet pigments – we all tend to look a little bit better if we go for an aesthetic a bit more polished and a bit less Courtney Love. Summer weather means we may have to add a step or two to a daily routine to keep things from mindlessly shifting across our faces. Let’s face it, tinted moisturizers and lipbalms won’t be a sufficient replacement for the Glamourpuss’ relationship with their favourite MAC eyeshadow or DiorShow.

Switch out your mascara for something waterproof. They typically can’t provide the nourishment of non-waterproof mascaras so it’s a great idea to rub a small amount of shea butter or a similar moisturizer on your lashes beforehand.

Fill your full lip in with a lipliner. Whatever the colour is you want to show, a matching shade will be available in stick-form. Avoid the scary outlines and get it as close as possible to your lipstick/gloss/balm of choice – the adherance it provides will save you the hourly re-applications.

This is esentially where you can’t go wrong. There are primers for everything you can think of – face, eyes, lips – specifically designed to remain best friends with whatever you apply afterwards. Concealer works as a great swap for primers if you find yourself without.

Turns out it’s not just for hair! While it’s a somewhat unorthodox practice, spraying a light coat over your finished face will keep everything from budging. Just promise not to breathe in while spraying.


OK, movie opinion aside…

This is an ode to Patricia Field – a woman who delivered the exact kinds of eye candy all of us have been craving and worshipping in the twelve years since Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte began to stiletto across our not-so-flat screens.

Two things Madame Field has down is the balance between shape savvy and envelope-pushing pieces that manage to keep it tres, tres classy.

Let’s take  a look: