Stick on Earrings

Stick on Earrings - Fashion Rehash Please

“Imagine we are all the same. Imagine we all agree about politics, religion and morality. Imagine we like the same types of music, food and coffee. Sound boring? Differences need not divide us. Embrace diversity. Dignity is everyone’s human right.”

Bill Brummel

Rosie Huntington Whitley Dolce Gabanna

Rosie Huntington Whitley for Dolce & Gabanna

Barring Kate Moss, English models have a reputation of low popularirty. Arm candy to Jason Statham and lifesize Barbie bombshell Rosie Huntington-Whiteley does not seem to be remotely affected. After her first cover on Wallpaper in October of 2004, the world began to follow her near-perfect face around Burberry, Victoria’s Secret, Topshop, Marchesa, Moschino and many, many more.

Among her infamous takeover of the female lead role from Megan Fox in the Transformers series, Rosie and super-photographer Rankin will be producing a book entirely dedicated to her later this year named Rosiex10.

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Clueless - The Calvin Klein Dress

"It's a dress." / "Says who?!" / "Calvin Klein."

Confederacy owner Ilaria Urbinati has which teamed up with Francisco Costa (Creative Director at Calvin Klein) to reissue the dress that sent Dan Hedaya’s head into a parental tailspin after Urbinati professed her undying love for the original ensemble.
Exclusive to Confederacy, the dress is retailing at a wallet-emptying $916 and is also available in a Valentine-red color.

While I personally feel like spending my leftover $916/£603.21 on shoes, this is definitely an offer I would suggest other Clueless obsessors take advantage of. After all, the dress has survived fashion and trend changes for fifteen years.

Madonna and Lourdes
The blogosphere has a new celebrity edition to the junior leagues: Miss Lourdes Leon – daughter of Madonna.

In a clever advertising ploy, ‘Lola’ (as she signs her blogs) has spent the past few days promoting her upcoming hers and her mega-mom’s line Material Girl which is due to be released this August in US chain Macy’s with a website named Material World. High five for tapping into the right catchphrases for sucess.
While the blog reads like your younger sister’s diary, the preview-friendly content will undoubtedly be hawked by fashionistas worldwide.