As a make-up artist, the number one request I receive – I’m talking 95% of the time – is a smoky eye. Truth is, it’s one of the simplest things you can do for your eyes and since you’re trying to look smoky, you can do it quick and not worry about precision.

What will you need?
– A dark and light brown eyeshadow.
A white/cream eyeshadow.
Black eyeliner (I prefer liquid).
– Mascara.
Brushes aren’t necessary, but any blending brush would be helpful.

The Easy Directions:

1. Highlight your inner corner and brow bone with the light colour.
2. Blend lighter brown eyeshadow in from the outer corner of your eye.
3. Bring the same colour underneath your eye softly.
4. BLEND your harsh edges (aka smoke it out).
5. Work darker colour into your natural crease.
6. Bring that colour underneath your eye softly.
7. Line your eyes with a small wing. It’ll increase the depth of the smoke.
8. Highlight and blend back in.

Simple. Five minute smoky eye. Looks gorgeous on everyone. Obviously, the video above will assist you and also features music by the Audiovisuals. Must watch (in HD)!

Katy Perry in Brian Lichtenberg

Katy Perry in Brian Lichtenberg

Most magazine-reading US girls aged 14-34 have at least one item from Forever 21. Their cheap-as-chips clothes are the most fashion-forward in the malls of America, and they are about to get that bit more trendy.

Following in the savvy footsteps of stores like H&M and Target, they are collaborating with the now designer Brian Lichtenberg who has recently been filling celebrity’s wardrobes with asymetrics, bodycons, sequins and more*. What we know is that 9 pieces will be retailing at $14.80 starting August 13th. I blindly want them all.

* Ahem, designer of Lady Gaga‘s caution tape outfit in Telephone, hello.

Crystal Renn Before


Crystal Renn After


As I mentioned yesterday, everyone is gaga about Crystal Renn and her weight fluctuations. Renn herself spoke to Glamour about all of the editing and comments here.

I recently [saw] Karl Lagerfeld, and he said, “Did you lose weight since my show? Don’t you lose any weight!” And I remember thinking, “I’ve actually gained an inch; must be the outfit! But no, don’t worry, I won’t.” And Carine [Roitfeld, the editor of French Vogue] also said to me, “Don’t lose weight. You’re very beautiful just how you are.” That support means so much to me.

– Crystal Renn

13 days until Season 8!

Project Runway Season 8 CastProject Runway is an addiction, and that addiction is thirteen days away from being fed more than ever. With a huge seventeen new designers, and new 90-minute episodes, the winner’s prize package still includes $100,000 from L’Oréal Paris to start his/her own line, a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine, a $50,000 technology suite by HP and Intel to create his/her own vision and run his/her business, and the opportunity to design and sell an exclusive collection on (who now run the accessory wall.)

My pick to win at this point? April Johnston. She’s a mini Heidi Klum with gorgeous illustration talent.

Stella McCartney

When it comes to the marriage of sport and fashion, Stella McCartney is the the leader of the pack. For the past six years she has been designing an exclusive line for Adidas that combines her chic style with the functionality of sportswear. Things have just gotten better for McCartney after just being announced as the creative director for Team Great Britain during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games being held in London.

We’ll see the first instalment of her new creations this Fall with apparel for Olympic fans, followed later by the uniforms for Team GB which will mark the first ever Olympic/major designer collaboration.