Lady Gaga Fragrance (cap from Telephone)Newsflash. Gaga and Coty are teaming up to produce a fragrance. Yep, the same people that made us think Sarah Jessica Parker smells like an old woman decaying in a flower bed.

What’s it going to smell like? Diet Coke cans and hair? Fake blood? All we know so far is that it is likely to be HUGE. I already know a substantial amount of male and female fashionistas and ‘Little Monsters’ that would purchase it for packaging alone.

Tommy Hilfiger“This is the first campaign to truly capture the brand’s 25-year heritage of twisted, pretty American sportswear,” Hilfiger told Women’s Wear Daily.

While I disagree with any comment that Hilfiger has ever been ‘twisted’, it has always been the ultimate in pretty preppy and I am loving where they’re taking it. With this Fall 2010 campaign, sixteen model ‘So-and-so Hilfigers’ are going to be represented through Facebook, Twitter and special online features, let alone the expected 10-page spreads in Vogue, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair. It’s a tasty tailgate.

I love when fashion and media can combine and get away with it. Click for a sneak peak of the family portraits.

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Pretend you’re not excited.

(Seriously – I know it’s a huge cliche book for empowerment and all that jazz, but it’s actually an amazing, real story and one of the books I often go back to reading.)

Patrick Mohr Fashion Week With BeardsHeard of Patrick Mohr? Yeah, me either.

Apparently he tried to change this by balding his models and sticking them in unfortunately sparse beards. I’m thinking he could have at least sprung for something with Santa-thickness to detract from the lack of talent?

Click for more insanity. Goodness, Berlin Fashion Week is weird this year.

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Hermes Campaign Fall 2010HERMES. Their scarves are legend, their bags are flaunted on the arm of every who-who…it is a bullseye brand every time when it comes to accesories.

As for the Fall 2010 ad campaign, Jonas Mason, Constance Jablonski and those gorgeously famous orange are featured in something of a ‘What not to do with your very expensive silk scarf’. With makeshift masks, capes, and abseiling devices, it’s the usual fantasy with a Zorro-like edge.

See the full campaign below.

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