donald trump president
I’ve gone and done it. An anti-Trump video.

Without spoiling too much of its content, I simply feel that – with the Presidential primaries less than one month away (May 3rd) – these shenanigans have gone on for far too long.

So please watch, share, and let me know your thoughts over on good ol’ Youtube.

Where Donald Trump stands on the issues
Trump University Scam
Fact-checking Donald Trump’s most recent appearance (PolitiFact is a great resource for all candidate questions)
Trump continually spouting Muslim lies (another fantastic fact-checking resource)
Fact-checking presidential candidates’ claims about Muslims after Brussels
21 Questions for Donald Trump
Bernie Sanders Bronx Rally with Rosario Dawson and Spike Lee (a must-watch)

floral umbrella fashion blogger
When returning to London from a month of sunshine-filled work trips, I convinced myself I had missed out on the tail end of Winter.

Incorrectly. But Spring/Summer collections will prevail…

I have recently fallen in lust with my boots, bag, bracelet, and brolly of the season (#Londoner), so find myself with zero tolerance or acceptance for anything Winter, wardrobe-wise.

You are what you wear, right?

What I Wore:
Dress, Chelsea boots and umbrella – all from Joules
Amazonite Wishbone Kula bracelet from Astley Clarke (similar here)
Smith & Canova Mint blue leather handbag from House of Fraser

floral umbrella fashion blogger
floral umbrella fashion blogger
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heliot steakhouse london
I have found myself using Leicester Square’s Hippodrome as a meeting point for Central London excursions for over ten years, but had never stepped inside until last week.

The reason for my atypical attendance? The famous casino’s restaurant – Heliot Steakhouse – was announced as Bookatable users’ ‘Best Steak Restaurant in London‘ and I was far too intrigued to spend another year on the outside.

Though I’m not a gambler (a few minutes on Betway online casino taught me that I am far too clumsy to play with fate), I endorse everyone getting out of their comfort zone for the sake of culinary adventure.

Naturally, the stakes were high.

(Steak pun totally intended.)

Overlooking the casino from its crown of a restaurant, we clinked glasses and oogled an intensely atmospheric gaming floor whilst feasting like there was no tomorrow. Or, more appropriately, like we would lose all of our money before tomorrow.

The main draw of Heliot was, obviously, their flame-grilled steaks: all USDA Prime three-year-old, grain-fed beef aged for a minimum of four weeks. We’re talking seriously perfect protein proviso.

Starting with smoked salmon (served with rye bread & lemon butter) and tender ponzu-sauced beef tataki (a dish I could eat every day of my life), we took all of ten minutes to clear our plates in anticipation of our mains.

For myself? The Surf & Turf – a handful of medium-rare USDA fillet (the best I’ve had in London), with fresh scallops and prawn. I might have added a lobster tail. Because duh.

For The Boy? An equally flawless fillet – medium – served with red wine sauce and a side of impossibly irresistible Millionaire’s Mac & Cheese (a nutmeg-infused blend of gruyere and parmesan, topped with black truffle and a poached duck egg).

Gluttony prevailing, we wrapped things up with a few feeble fork-stabs at a generous cheese board and plate of vanilla ice cream but found ourselves well and truly tapped out.

Will we be back to do it all again? You betcha.

steak gif
heliot steakhouse london
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beauty favourites
Medi Pedi at Margaret Dabbs
After a month of travels that had me stomping the deserts of Ras al Kaimah, cobbled streets of Mexico, towering hills of Florence and everywhere in between, my feet were well and truly deserving of some TLC. Life called for a sensible stop at Margaret Dabbs’ expert nail hideaway in Westbourne Grove.

The luxurious Medical Pedicure (or Medi Pedi) is a complete sole-saver, offering a 45-minute overhaul for all things below the ankle. During the treatment, your Podiatrist uses surgical techniques to soften, hydrate, anti-age, and improve the overall health of your feet and nails. The results are instant, therapeutic (nothing beats a foot massage), and you can even tack on an in-chair manicure (for utter bliss).

Pranamat ECO
Though this product is probably on the edge of Category Beauty, it might be my favourite discovery of the month. The Pranamat is, in essence, a massage mat. A naturally-produced massage mat which utilises pressure points to stimulate the body, mind, and relieve muscle aches and pains.

I was skeptical. Very skeptical. But the Pranamat has proved its worth. Even five minutes of mat-assisted meditation makes my body and mind feel healthier and more awake: if nothing else, the circultatory benefits sell this baby and I can’t wait to see the long-term benefits.

GOSH Lumi Drops and Foundation Drops
I was completely blown away by the Foundation Drops the first time I used them. Though the product had gimmick potential (it’s quite entertaining to use), it is one of the best foundations I have used in years. The consistency is light like a serum but buildable from light to heavy coverage. It has incredibly comfortable and long-lasting wear, excellent shade options for pale girls, and tone-corrects to the perfect ‘nude skin’ look with a single drop on each cheek (blended out).

For someone who never wears blush, I have also developed a soft spot for their Lumi Drops in Peach. The drops act as a soft highlighter and this shade – blended across the cheekbone – adds a Kardashian-worthy luminescence to the face. Superdrugs gems abound!

1001 Remedies PurAir Purifying Spray
Another natural beauty godsend. Made with 100% nature-derived ingredients, 1001 Remedies’ PurAir Air Purifying Spray eliminate environmental toxins and pollutants, dispel bad smells and helps – and I quote – “restore emotional equilibrium”. Essentially, it cleans the bejesus out of the atmosphere around you and smells like the most gloriously expensive spa in the world (think cinnamon, ravintsara and peppermint). The travel size has become my in-flight BFF.

AVON Perfectly Matte lipsticks
These lipsticks have quickly garnered cult beauty item raves for being “more matte than MAC matte” (which beauty junkies will know are renowned as the be all and end all mattes). I, Favourites-obviously, agree. I don’t love many of the lighter shades but everything coral and darker – especially Ruby Kiss – is stunning, smooth, and wears without any of the dreaded ‘dry lip cling’.

Jason Glowing Apricot Body Wash
A product unlikely to ever leave my bathroom. The smell and formulation of this sulfate and paraben-free body wash is a dream. It contains certified organic Aloe Vera Gel, sunflower oil, apricot oil (where its sumptuous scent comes from), chamomile, and Vitamin E: in essence, the perfect body wash for hydration. Foamy and all.