ghd straighteners
For the last four years I have used ghd‘s Air hair dryer to combat my fro-prone curls at least twice a week. Naturally, I recoil when faced with a less-than-Air hairdryer during my frequent travels.

When ghd offered me a remedy in the limited-edition ghd marine allure straightener, I would have been crazy to refuse.

Since receiving the straightener, I have taken it on every trip with me and have had consistent blow dry-reminiscent locks with no compromise on space! In my carry-on I simply roll my clothes inside and around my hat of the moment (this lattice cut-out floppy hat is now on sale, you lucky thing!) and nestle the straightener in heat-proof case on top.

“But what if something creases?” No worry – the ghd is the niftiest iron…hair and clothes-wise.

Even the hat even doubles-up as a beauty product; whether I am sunbathing or citysweeping, I pile my ghd-ed waves on top of my head under my hat. This protects my hair from sun damage and keeps the smooth body impossibly voluminous for evening excursions!

If ghfmorning to evening before and afters are anything to go by…

before after ghd straighteners

colour run london
It’s time to dust off your trainers and get your sweatbands ready. I have teamed up with Skittles to offer five winners and their friends the chance to take part in the original, happiest and most colourful fun run in the world, The Color Run, on Sunday September 4th in London!

On top of being showered by all the colours of the rainbow, the lucky winners will also receive a bright Skittles hoodie!

For your chance to win this awesome prize, just subscribe to me on YouTube (where I’ll be posting my Color Run adventure!) and tell me which Skittle flavour is your favourite (and why!) in the comments below this post!

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color run london

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liberty cheesesteak london
I may not be ‘West Philadelphia born and raised’ like the Fresh Prince, but my yet-to-be-throned American half appreciates an authentic Philly cheesesteak as emphatically as a local.

My British half, as you know, leaves me living in London with very little “real” Americana cuisine to choose from. Let alone cheesesteaks.

At least it did before Liberty Cheesesteak Company. The food truck – based in Spitalfields Market – was founded by Philly expat JP after he realised his home city’s iconic sandwiches were nowhere to be replicated in London Town.

Cheeseteak-wise, they don’t get better; their “Wiz” is a secret blend of real cheese peppered with a secret 0.1% natural flavour mix and both their bread (Italian-style hoagies) & rib-eye beef are locally sourced. To order like a Philadelphian, you simply name you size (whole or half), cheese (Wiz, Provolone or American) and onion preference (“wit” if you do, “witout” if you don’t) in one fell swoop…

Whole Wiz Wit, or bust.

The cheesesteaks are Liberty’s obvious calling card, but it is worth noting that their wiz fries, root beer/cream soda floats, and desserts don’t fall short of their eponymous offerings (there are also veg and gluten-free options for those who need them).

It’s a slice of home comfort…American or not.

* If you have little time to get down to the truck, you can also order your goods via Deliveroo (and this link gets you £10 off your first order)!

liberty cheesesteak london
liberty cheesesteak london
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starbucks teavana
I have always identified as a positive person but realised only recently just how sublimely and abnormally happy I am. Even when challenged by life’s inevitable little niggles. Especially for a Londoner.

Because it gets brought up a lot in conversation – particularly with new friends – I thought I’d do a little soul searching in partnership with Starbucks‘ punchy new Teavana iced teas.

Almost every day I’ve popped in for my mid-afternoon pick-me-up, I’ve ordered the deep pink Hibiscus tea. Because, I’ve realised, nothing makes me happier than the little things. Silver linings in the clouds, the colour of my drink against a blossoming garden, the kindness of a stranger, a song you haven’t heard in years coming on the radio – all so easy to take for granted but so lovely in their modesty.

Happiness is the little things. Especially when they taste like Summer.

What I Wore:
Starbucks Teavana Hibiscus Shaken Iced Tea (my hibiscus, lemongrass, rose hips, mango & passion fruit-blended favourite!)
Blue laser-cut top from Oasis (similar here)
White skinny jeans from Burberry Brit
Sandals from Teva

starbucks teavana
starbucks teavana
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scilly isles 14
As a fully-fledged British person, I come pre-loaded with a penchant for weather chat. Much to my own dismay, this became very clear in the days leading up to my 12-hour trip to the Scilly Isles.

In my defense, the day would take me island hopping from pocket-sized plane to wooden dinghy. Better-than-torrential weather would have been comforting.

With no such luck, The Boy and I donned the most weatherproof items of clothing and headed to Lands End Airport at the crack of dawn.

The airport experience was something else; the only building itty bitty enough to steal Ras al Kaimah’s coveted Smallest Airport I’ve Ever Seen Award.

When some of the rough weather cleared we were given the green light to board the toy plane, so rushed to the doors and ascended into the sky within minutes. I have never been so entertained in my life. Sitting no more than two feet from the pilot, I transfixed myself in his every gesture, switch, and movement as we bounced along between sea and xloud.

We landed on the ‘main’ Isle of Scilly – St Mary’s – less than twenty minutes later, collected our “luggage” from their similarly minute airport’s solo conveyor belt, and hopped in the world’s most entertaining shuttle bus.

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