Game of Thrones (Khaleesi/Daenerys Targaryen) Hair Tutorial

khaleesi hair tutorial 1
As far as hair goals are concerned, Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen has got that ish on lockdown.

Of course, no-one outside of Meereen wakes up with such tresses. Not even Emilia Clarke. For the actress, platinum hair perfection is achieved via the use of full lace wigs but mere mortals don’t have it so easy.

Or, we didn’t until now.

With the assistance of my beloved and very talented hairdresser (Serafina of Gro London‘s Hampstead branch), we have brought epic Khaleesi hair to DIY life.

Inspired by her most intricate Season 5 ‘do, we have spelled outย the how-tos for your Halloween, cosplay, or just-because pleasure, below. Enjoy!

What you’ll need…
Redken Stay High 18 High-Hold Gel to Mousse
Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Miracle Filler Treatment
1-inch barrel curling iron
Mini hair ties (clear, if possible)
Hair grips/bobby pins
Clip-in hair extensions (I review the ones used here at the end of this post!)

Khaleesi/Daenerys Targaryen Hair Tutorial

1. Blow dry your natural hair completely. As we’ll be using extensions, the more volume we can get at this stage, the better. Layer Stay High 18 over Perfect 4 Platinum to ensure protected, enormous results. (Big/fluffy is okay as we’ll be curling everything later).
2. Separate your extensions into weft sizes (you’ll have everything from 1-clip 2″ wefts to 4-clip 8″ wefts).
3. Leave two small sections of hair loose in front of your ears. If you’d like, place a playing card or small piece of card under a clip to hold the sections away from the rest of your hair.
4. Section most of your hair on top of your head, leaving room to clip your largest weft roughly 2 inches from the base of your neck.
5. In sections, curl the extension hair with your natural hair.
6. Take another inch or two of hair down from the top of your head and place the next-largest weft securely against the scalp.
7. Repeat, checking each weft blends seamlessly into your natural hair with a mirror.
8. At the top of the head, finish with your smallest wefts and remove your card clips to curl both strands in front of the ears.
9. Take two equidistant sections of hair from the front of the hairline and create two modified french braids which only incorporate the hair between the sections (no strands from the outside or underneath). Stop 1/4 of the way down the length of the hair and tie the braids with mini hair ties.
10. Bring the braids together in the middle and wrap a small section of the unbraided but sectioned hair around the hair ties, securing in the back with a hair grip. Use clips to hold the hair together if you find it difficult to ‘hold and wrap’.
11. Using slightly larger sections of hair below the first braids, repeat steps 9 and ten incorporating the ‘fall’ of the first braids into the centre to keep everything symmetrical.
12. Hairspray to secure.
13. Be Mother of Dragons.

daenareys hair
khaleesi hair tutorial 1
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In Review: The Meat Co, London

meat co london
In hot pursuit of the latest and greatest restaurants and watering holes, it is rare that I find myself in the same establishment twice.

Edible commitment issues at their finest.

It has taken almost two years for me to return to The Meat Co in Shepherd’s Bush and it has officially become one of the places that continually surpasses all expectations.

Time for a little blog love.

When the time came for my long overdue return visit, my lady friend and I were completely spoilt for choice. While some serious protein was a given from the get-go, I had forgotten how varied and rich the multipaged menu actually was.

To start, we indulged in some incredibly moreish chocolate & beetroot bread (if you’re going to carb load, there is no other way), curly boerewors-topped polenta, and braised rib meat cigars which melted inside their light mushroom-filled pastry casing.

Completely intoxicated on rib meat, we continued the affair all the way to the mains. For my lady love, a naked rib meat burger served with chips (normally served in brioche) while I opted to tackle sea and land via the rib meat scallop trio.

Aided by some incredible cocktails, we weren’t sure we had the capacity for dessert but the Madiba Charity malva pudding swayed us otherwise. Presumed to be Nelson Mandelaโ€™s favourite dessert, the sticky toffee-esque creation felt extraordinarily fluffy, moist, and indulgent all at once.

I would do it all over again without hesitation. And sooner, this time.

meat co london
meat co london
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Big Box of Good

big box of good
I’m on a charity kick. I have been moving (therefore cleansing my life of everything I’m not attached to) and have been getting a real thrill from every trip I take to donate something new.

When Send It Now asked if I wanted to do a little more do-gooding, I could hardly say no.

Along with a few fellow bloggers, we are using the Send It Now service to pass around a Big Box of Good – each adding a sentimental item – which will eventually make a trip to the PDSA to raise money for the hugely deserving veterinary charity.

I’ve added my pristine House of Dereon leopard print dress (Beyonce animal print seemed hugely appropriate!) and can’t wait to see what good it will do.

Follow @sendit_now on Twitter to watch all the bloggers’ donations unfold!

big box of good

What I Wore: Festival Fancy

fancy festival
For the collaborative sake of Zalando’s Festival competition, I broke the barriers of festival fashion.

I am a self-professed music freak but have limited patience for showerless hoards of drunks, so jumped at the chance to see Jessie J live as part of Somerset House’s ever-so-civil Summer Series festival.

The location I work myself to the sartorial bone twice a year seemed serendipitous for an an aural shot.

What I Wore:
Anna Field sandals & hat, House of Holland earrngs, Jeepers Peepers sunglasses (all from Zalando!)
White wiggle dress (old)
Chanel handbag
Intelligent Quartz Fly-Back Chronograph watch from Timex (it is my new favourite thing in life)

fancy festival
fancy festival
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